How to choose the right earrings for children

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When it comes to children’s earrings, parents mainly want safety and little princesses want cute designs. Both criteria are important and at the KLENOTA Jewellery Studio we are well aware of both of them.

If you are choosing earrings for a small baby, the most suitable choice would be those with a front closure where the earring fastens into the eyelet at the front. With these, there is no risk of the earring accidentally opening or catching on clothing and what’s more, the earrings are smooth on all sides so the baby cannot scratch themselves. You just need to be careful with the mechanics of the closure when handling an open earring since it is quite fragile. Girls can wear these types of earrings up to the age of three to eight.

For girls of preschool age and older the choices expand and stud earrings are also an option. These types of earrings can last a girl for many years. If you choose stud earrings from us, we will supply them to you with the standard earring backs however if you would prefer a screw back, please indicate this preference in your order and we will change it for you free of charge.

Are 14ct gold earrings worth it?

The skin is very sensitive and prone to allergies in childhood. The metal chosen for the earrings is therefore very important especially when it comes to children’s earrings and in fact for all children’s jewellery. A safe bet in this regard is 14ct gold which rarely causes allergies. Earrings made of white gold also have a thin layer of rhodium on them which reduces the risk of allergies to a minimum. You could consider earrings made of surgical steel too, but we wouldn’t recommend choosing silver or base metals. What you’ll also no doubt appreciate about gold is its durability and resilience. For these reasons we only make children’s earrings from gold at KLENOTA Jewellery Studio – in classic yellow, modern white and delicate rose gold. 

The design of children’s earrings

The shape of children’s earrings should be smooth and compact. Check that they don’t have any sharp edges or that parts of the metal don’t protrude from the surface of the earring. If these safety considerations are all met, then the sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing a design. But any earrings for a child should first and foremost appeal to the little girl. Animal themed earrings such as ladybugs, birds or butterflies are a safe choice while shapes such as flowers, stars and moons are timeless and playful at the same time.

Earrings with stones are a classic and in our collection you can choose from white diamonds as well as colour gemstones such as pink tourmalines, blue topazes, yellow citrines, dark blue sapphires and green emeralds.If you’re thinking ahead and expect your little girl’s earrings to last a long time then opt for simple, minimalist shapes that don’t appear too child-like. You could choose little triangles, sticks, balls, teardrops or hearts.

How long do children’s earrings last?

Children’s 14ct gold earrings last a long time and they are usually handed down from generation to generation. They should also be able to withstand a bit of children’s typical fun and games. But with older children you can start teaching them that earrings should be handled with care. Ideally they should be taken off before swimming and sporting activities. Even with gold you may experience blackening, which is caused by the reaction of the silver, zinc or copper that’s mixed in with the gold. Fortunately this is easily solved and a piece of jewellery with unwanted discolouration will be as good as new again once it has been carefully polished by a jeweller.


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