Change your life by creating your Own Line

We all have a creative side inside us, just waiting to come out. If you really think hard about it, you will know what it is. Are you the kind to “patch things up” on your clothes? Or you are always dwindling on the cover of your notebooks? Maybe you create your own jewellery! Whatever it is, why don’t you push it one step forward, and create your own line? It may just change your life for the better…

Imprint your Mark

The most important, when we create something, is to imprint our mark by highlighting what it is that distinguishes it from others. Too many people make the mistake of following trends. That makes it almost impossible to find an audience, as they are already sold on the ones before you. Therefore, find out what makes your work unique and work around it. Start with the name. Maybe it’s as easy as a play on your own name or by using the adjective that describes your work best. Once you have it, imagine a logo on an online software and head to Wunderlabel, to create some tags that you will attach on all of your works; especially the ones that you carry around with you. You want to be noticed, so choose a base colour that will stand out, like yellow, red or even fuchsia. People will start asking questions, sooner rather than later.

What comes Natural

Don’t overthink, when you enter the creation process. It is the best way to let your energy flow and to have an end-product that really represents the vibe that comes out of you. We are influenced by all the things we see and hear, every day. It is easy to reproduce what already exists, and it is usually what happens when you start planning your work. It should come out of you, like words from your mouth. If you are forcing the gesture, then what will result from your work, will also seem unnatural. It may be easier said than done, if your line grows, and you have to produce at a regular rate. But then, select the time of day when you will put your mind into that mode, by choosing the hours when you feel the most refreshed and relaxed.

Talk about it

Don’t be afraid to bring out your products and talk about them, to everyone. Most people are afraid to do so, because they believe it will only bore their friends, family and the strangers they meet. But it is not true. Everyone loves passionate people. And if you talk about it intensely, everyone will want to know more. That is how you will build your brand.


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