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What have you missed most over the last 12 months? I’ve missed food, specifically someone else cooking for me. Belle cooks at home a couple of times a week, which I do really appreciate, but that still involves me helping her decide what she’s going to make, shopping for ingredients and clearing up after her.

Let’s just say it’s not exactly the stress-free restaurant experience.

What I really want is for someone to do everything – the planning, the choosing, the cooking and the washing up – as well as keeping my wine glass topped up. Oh and I want to be surrounded by witty and entertaining people. It’s not too much to ask is it?

The closest we can get at the moment is a takeaway. A takeaway at least takes care of the bulk of the work, leaving me just in charge of wine and Belle having to take on the role of ‘witty and entertaining company.’ She tries. She’s more entertaining than I’ve become in the last year for sure.

As an extended family we miss eating out together too. Pretty much all of our family occasions and celebrations would normally revolve around eating out and we’re notorious for arriving somewhere ‘just in time for lunch’. Lockdown has made it hard to make special occasions feel special – it’s hard to get that ‘treat’ vibe isn’t it?

One way we can still feel like we’re spoiling ourselves is by getting a takeaway and so this week I treated my Mum to a takeaway via Foodhub.

How to use Foodhub

I’d never come across Foodhub before, but there was plenty of choice, even in the small town my Mum lives in. She picked an independent restaurant called The Green Olive, which we’ve eaten in before as a family. I thought this was nice – it means you’ve got the memory of having eaten there all together, even if we can’t do it right now.

Foodhub is 15% cheaper on average than its competitors. I’m not saying I like to give people cheap gifts or anything, but if you can save money on the same product just from shopping around then why wouldn’t you?

The ordering process was very simple too. I downloaded the Foodhub app for Apple, but they have one for Android too or you can order your takeaway directly on their website. Once the order was placed and confirmed I got a little countdown on the app to get me excited.

save money on takeaways Foodhub

Then we just had to wait.

This bit is so nerve wracking isn’t it? You’ve got plates and cutlery ready, you’ve shotgunned who’s answering the door, then it’s just a waiting game. (True story: I once waited an hour for a takeaway via a different app only to discover that there had been an error in the order and it had never been accepted. It was honestly such a sad moment because Belle had ordered food from another restaurant and hers had arrived and I had to start all over again. I ALWAYS check for confirmation now before I settle down to wait.)

My Mum’s food arrived as promised though and here she is looking very pleased with herself:

cheapest takeaway app Foodhub

My Mum and her partner Mitch were both very impressed with the portion sizes, and when I spoke to them on FaceTime Mitch was already planning on making his last for two meals.

My Mum’s best bit seemed to be the free Turkish delight, although I’m not 100% sure she even likes Turkish delight? Maybe it’s just nice getting something for free. My Mum even had a go at doing her own flatlay which, given she’s never done one before, the age of her phone and the fact that it was dark, isn’t bad at all, so well done Mum for embracing the influencer lifestyle.*

Foodhub takeaway review

While they ate we had a little FaceTime chat and we all agreed that as much as we love going out to eat, having a takeaway is a lovely treat in the meantime. Hopefully it won’t be too long now before we can revisit our favourite restaurants, but getting food delivered is a pretty decent stopgap.

Have a watch of our little video and be inspired to share the gift of a Foodhub takeaway with someone you love:

You can find out more about Foodhub, including how to download the Foodhub app, by visiting


*Compared to my early blogging days when I did this pizza review I think my Mum’s photography is actually pretty top notch.


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