Most Popular Types of Gambling among Women


Men have been gambling more than women in all types of gambling. However, this trend is changing. Over the years, more women have started to participate in gambling. While this can be attributed to the growing number of online gambling sites, other factors also play a huge role. According to recent statistics, women make up 18% of the gambling population. To break this down further, younger women aged 18 to 34 years participate in gambling more than the other age groups. The data also suggests that women in this age group participate in gambling during a “night out” with friends. Read on to discover the most common types of gambling among women.

The Female Slot Empire

Recent data shows that women enjoy playing slots more than men do. Let’s face it, our women already have their plates full working and keeping their families in order. That is one of the reasons why they will appreciate a distraction from their normal schedule. Slots provide the best distraction from boring routine. Moreover, slots allow women to unwind and relax in a fun and unpressured manner. They have a wide range of options to choose from, making it easy to find a slot they will love. The large payouts and exciting bonuses are also attractive features that motivate women to enjoy slots.

Women also love slots because they are relaxing and don’t require a specific skill set, unlike men who often look for games that need a strategy. Slot games are designed to entertain. That is why experts describe slots as a mental massage. Since slots are easily available at various online sites like Platin live casino, women can access them at any time of the day, or night. What is more, women can access these games using their smartphones, tablets, and personal computers while attending to their daily duties.

Social Gambling and Bingo

Women love social games, which may account for the rise in social gambling on social networks. This is not surprising because when it comes to gambling, women are not looking to display their prowess at the table but rather have a good time. Recent studies have shown that women prefer to hit up a casino with a group of friends. Social gambling, therefore, especially through social media, offers a platform where women can play with other players, share results and post their awards on their profiles.

Bingo has long been associated with female players. Traditional bingo halls attract older women while online bingo is accessible to all. The rules of the games are quite easy to master, and it does not require high stakes to play. This provides a fun environment that does not put unnecessary pressure on the players.

Additionally, most game providers have tried to replicate traditional bingo halls by introducing chat rooms for the purpose of socializing. With such thoughtful inclusions Bingo will continue to be an appealing gaming option for women.

The Future of Female Gambling

Online gambling has experienced huge changes over the years. In the past, gamblers had no choice but to travel to brick-and-mortar casinos to play their favourite casino games. However, the development of online casinos meant that players could easily access their favourite games from the comfort of home. Despite the fact that land-based casinos offer a platform for socializing as well as gambling, more women are switching to online gaming. However, with technological advancements such as smartphones and continuous innovations such as gaming apps, online gambling sites are now easily accessible while out and about. This means that women can meet up with friends and enjoy some social gaming at the same time.

Furthermore, online casinos such as Platin Live Casino also offer interactive platforms on their sites, where women can still enjoy a social experience chatting with other players while gaming. Overall, the future of female gaming looks promising as long as game providers continue to provide interesting and interactive gaming options.


Although gambling has become popular among women, significant differences exist in their gambling habits compared to those of men. Women are much more social in their gambling, hence the popularity of games like bingo and social games. Many women prefer to catch up with friends when playing their favourite games. In contrast, men prefer to focus on the game. In general, women are more focused on fun, instead of playing for huge wins. This is also demonstrated by differences in their reactions to losses. While men tend to display anger and frustrations, women tend to be sad and depressed and may seek sympathy.

Therefore, when it comes to gambling, men and women clearly have different approaches. Women, generally, play for relaxation whereas men often play to sharpen their strategies. This type of information is vital for game providers as they will understand better what women want and can therefore produce more games tailored for women.


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