How to Buy Makeup on a Super Tight Budget

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Women have a love-hate relationship with makeup. If you’re a luxury beauty lover who don’t ever leave home without your makeup on, your overall make-up budget might be much more. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Makeup can be pricey, but there are a lot of options to save large, so you can get a nice makeup range and also having room left over for anything else you need.

Here is how to spend your money on makeup while you are running low on budget.

Look for Dupes

You just need to start with the basics. It is not necessary to buy a high brand range when you can get a good dupe of a famous brand. Opt for drugstore brands. They are cheap and dupe to most of the luxurious brands available in the market. You can get different palettes in low price with the same pigmentation.

Buy the products you actually use

Don’t waste money in buying everything that you know you will not use. Just go for the products with which you are running low. This technique seems basic, but you would be amazed how many people do not pursue it. Go through your latest beauty range, and stay aware of the items you really use and the others you don’t use. Probability is there are a lot of items that have never made it into the daily beauty routine.

Try eyelash extensions at home

Some makeup products may not be part of your daily beauty routine but are necessary for the days you’ll need to look a bit bold. You can buy a few budget samples and try practicing at home. Watch trendy youtube tutorials and try the go-to looks of the season. For instance, these days, the natural makeup, no makeup look seems to be the hype. Although you might need to do the tricky parts before pulling off the look in public, such as wearing falsies or trying eyelash extensions at home once or twice on your own.

Go for Makeup Sales

You can find an elusive or preferred beauty product online for less than what you would pay for in a store. Do your homework and try out unusual locations such as resale sites and make-up shops. Sales are still very helpful. You will also get to see sales at the close of the financial year, on Black Friday, Thanksgiving and as Christmas comes. You can look for affordable makeup on different online sites like for good investment.

Use Discount Codes

This is a world of bloggers and influencers on all over social media. Camera perfect beauty blogs and Supermodels can be a little irritating, but they’re a fantastic source of coupons and codes. Beauty bloggers and influencers continue to taste and share reviews of a wide variety of products from drug shops and high street brands. Make sure you follow any of the huge stars on Instagram and Twitter, and keep an eye out for any coupon codes that their followers share. They are really helpful.

Look for Multipurpose Products

Some beauty items can only be used for one item, while others are shockingly multi-functional. Palettes are useful for this, since they can be used on both the eyes and the face. Pick one of the right colors and you can use a simple palette for your eye shadow, lipstick, concealer, accentuation and contouring-now that’s a steal.

Ask for Makeup Samples

Many beauty stores are able to supply you with a free sample or two of the items you would like to try at home. And if the shop would not advertise free samples, it shouldn’t hurt to inquire. You may also use this technique to nab a preview of your preferred lipstick or eye shadow to postpone paying for a full-size model.


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