4 Tips To Buying The Best Padded Bar Stools On The Market

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When it comes to looking for a bar stool, one thing that should be in mind is pleasing the customer. The stool should be appealing and give maximum comfort to the one seating on it. Several factors might affect the comfortability of the stool namely the height, the back, and the cushion. Not to worry, here you will find useful tips that will help you in the selection of bar stools that will cater to your customers’ comfort.

Desired Height and Shape

Most barstools out there come in a round shape cushioned top that is more functional as it is appealing. This element in design paired with foam filling ensures maximum comfortability. Once you have a cushioned top that is padded and well fitted don’t forget about the height. The height is usually selected based on the height of the countertop. The best way to hack matching the height of the stool with the countertop is to get a stool with an adjustable height functionality.

Detachable or Fixed Cushions

As much you want to have the best barstool there is affordability is key. Most bar stools that come already padded might tend to be a little costly and might cause a dent in your budget. A way of having a bar stool that is cheap and offers comfortability is by getting a generic barstool and attaching a cushion. The good thing about having a detachable cushion is the fact that you can easily change them regularly to ensure the stools remain comfortable for the customer.

The Fabric On The Stool

The materials that are used to make the sitting area of the stool are always very important. Take keen notice of how different fabrics might react to the type of cloth you have on. Faux leather has been in use for a while, although it gives the stool a classical look and all, it tends to be a little slippery. If one gets on the stool at the wrong angle, you might fall off. A fabric that offers not only an eye-catching value but also a grip is one that you should go for. It is not uncommon to see a bar stool top fitted with a crotched cover, because one is assured both comfort and grip.


As you go looking for bar stools for your establishment you must remember what is the use of the stool, whether it is an outdoor or indoor stool. Look for a stool that can be easily switched to cater to more than one area. That way you will spend less cash on buying many stools for different areas within your premises. Still on this point. You have to know if you need a stool with a back or a stool with no back. Bar stools with no back support are easily stackable and give it an upper hand when compared to the one with a back. Though in most cases a bar stool with low back support works its magic in regards to offering comfort while sitting for a long time.


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