Animal-Themed Days Out for Families in the UK

Watching animals go about their day makes for a fun weekend plan, especially with kids in the family. If this idea has been on your mind for a while, we may be able to help you out.

In this article, we’ll recommend our favourite animal-themed days out for families in the UK.

1.   London Zoo

London Zoo is a must-see for all animal-loving families in the UK. Whether you reside in London or are just a visitor, taking your kids to the London Zoo can be a worthwhile experience.

Because it’s the world’s oldest scientific zoo, you’ll find 712 species and more than 20,000 animals within its walls.

Little children can take a look at the magnificent lions at the Land of the Lions facility, visit the Bugs exhibit, or watch penguins at Penguin Beach. In addition, you’ll get to witness llamas and cute GB alpacas.

Also, the family should have the time of their lives at the Animal Adventure Zone. It features low barriers where little kids can interact with smaller animals such as mongooses and porcupines.

With its interesting animals and cool activities, a day at the ZSL London Zoo should be unforgettable.

2.   Paradise Wildlife Park

Another destination that every family member will probably like is Paradise Wildlife Park. Located in Hertfordshire, it boasts a wide array of animal-related activities to the point of being the most interactive zoo in the UK.

Your kids can enjoy watching different sorts of animals, going on fun rides, or witnessing informative shows. Other attractions include:

  • Safari Adventure Golf
  • The National Speedway Museum
  • The World of Dinosaurs
  • Adventure playgrounds
  • Tumble Jungle

From little family members to adults, your day at the Paradise Wildlife Park should be memorable.

3.   Willows Activity Farm

If you’re interested in farm animals, we suggest that you pay the Willows Activity Farm a visit. It’s one of the best animal-themed attractions in Hertfordshire.

Here, the kids can feed and handle different farm animals. Furthermore, they can enjoy their time in playgrounds, go on tractor or trailer rides, or participate in more events and activities.

There are numerous food options that the whole family should find satisfactory, from the Farmhouse BBQ to Curly Tail’s Cafe.

Longing for the authentic taste of the countryside? Visiting Willows Farm might be a great idea to fulfil this urge.

4.   London Wetland Centre

For bird enthusiasts out there, the London Wetland Centre could be your opportunity to expand your knowledge. It gives you the chance to see and learn about a wide variety of bird species and other wildlife.

Here, you’ll become almost face-to-face with otters, beautiful swans, butterflies, dragonflies, frogs, and ducks. Also, if your kids ever need to get some of their energy out, they can enjoy themselves at the indoor discovery zone.

5.   Chessington World of Adventures Resort

Looking for a nice combination of a zoo and an amusement park? The Chessington World of Adventures includes both to ensure the entertainment of all ages.

It boasts a large walk-through ocean tank where eight sharks swim around. Also, the park includes other animal-themed attractions to satisfy anyone curious enough.

There are more than 40 rides across the park and two hotels if you wish to make your visit more glamorous.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are plenty of options for animal-themed days out for families in the UK.

All you have to do is look for your family’s favourite theme, pack your bags, get into your car, and join the fun!



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