WIN a Mamibot robot vacuum and mop worth £549

Hello hello and welcome to my latest competition to win a Mamibot robot vacuum, the giveaway that’s going to take your cleaning into the 21st century! One robot vacuum cleaner equals less work for you and more time for putting your feet up with a gin. Hoorah!

(Probably should actually put your feet up, you don’t want to confuse Mamibot.)

So, before we get on to the exciting business of winning a robot vacuum, let me take you through a quick product tour to show you exactly what you could be winning.

The Mamibot robot vacuum and mop, or ‘Mamibot PreVac670XBR (black) – robot vacuum and mop’ to give it it’s full, catchy name, is the latest in robot vacuum technology. It’s app controlled, has INFRA-GYRO integrated localisation technology, a 2600mAh lithium-ion battery pack and anti-cliff sensors. (Presumably in case you are vacuuming at the beach?)

I will admit here that I’ve had the Mamibot sat in my hallway for a week or so as I was nervous about setting it up, what with finding the TV remote a bit complicated nowadays, but honestly, the set up couldn’t be simpler.

Mamibot comes with an app, which paired the robot vacuum to my phone very simply. Once you’ve connected your device, you get the option to name it.

‘What shall we call Mamibot?’ I asked Belle.

‘Call it Stinky,’ said Belle, who is allegedly 18 years old.

Mamibot review

We then set up the charging dock, which again was very easy. Mamibot, (or Stinky if you want to be on familiar terms), sits quite happily on his little docking station, charging away, and once he’s done the carpets there is also the option via the app to send him back to the dock. If he knows he is low on battery he will make his own way back to recharge too.

This is very cute to watch as the word ‘find’ comes up on the large LED display as Mamibot slowly makes his way home.

(It’s amazing how quickly you can turn inanimate objects into living creatures in your mind if you’re sentimentally inclined and haven’t been out as much as you’d like lately.)

Mamibot giveaway robot vacuum

Once the Mamibot robot vacuum is all paired up and ready to go, you have some choices. You can schedule vacuums for set days via the app, manage him via remote control, or simply press a button on the app to get him started straightaway.

For want of a more high tech option, I hit ‘auto’ and Stinky set off.

Mamibot robot vacuum discount

Mamibot had a bit of a challenge to start with, navigating his way out of the corner, but he managed it well, working his way nicely around the edges of various obstacles, including several pot plants.

I admired his determination and honestly, by this point, I was rooting for him like I do for Joey when he’s toddling around the living room, trying to avoid toys on the floor without falling over.

Robot vacuum review

The cats seemed less immediately fond of Mamibot than Belle and I were, which was to be expected I guess. Probably they thought he was a new pet, vying for my love and affection.

Endeavour watched him bravely for as long as he could, but Camille retreated up the stairs and watched the whole process from a safe distance.

Robot vacuum cleaner competition

Win a robot vacuum cleaner

Cats and robot vacuum cleaner

Once Mamibot found his way out of the living room he really got into his stride. He worked his way nicely down the hallway, leaving very satisfying marks on the carpet, like when you cut the grass and get stripes. (I’ve never been able to do this.)

I want to say he looked pleased with himself, but I may have been imagining things by this point.

Mamibot robot vacuum and mop

After he was done in the hallway, the Mamibot robot vacuum cleaner found his way into the kitchen, where he very cleverly managed to scoop some old cat biscuits out from under the fridge with his little rotating brushes.

I’m not saying that if I drop cat biscuits I just kick them under the fridge but, well, I do do that. Nothing gets past Stinky.

What’s extra special about the Mamibot robot vacuum is that it’s also a mop. If you have hard floors you want to clean then you can add in a water tank complete with mopping pad. Mopping floors is one of my least favourite household chores, not least because in the three years I’ve lived in this house I’ve never got round to actually buying a mop. Mamibot is defintiely going to earn his keep in the kitchen.

Mamibot robot mop attachment

WIN a Mamibot robot vacuum and mop RRP £549

If you’d like the chance to win a Mamibot robot vacuum cleaner, mop and dare I say friend, then you’re in luck, as the lovely people at Mamibot have given me one to give away!

To enter, just tick as many of the different boxes in the widget below as you can – the more ways you enter, the better your chances of winning your own Mamibot robot vacuum. The competition will close at 11.59pm on October 31st and full T&Cs apply.

If you can’t wait to see if you win, you can get 10% off Mamibot until the end of November with the code slummy10.

Good luck!

Win a Mamibot robot vacuum worth £549

Mamibot robot vacuum free

Me hanging out with my new chum, sleepover style.

DISCLOSURE: I was given a Mamibot robot vacuum and mop for the purposes of this review. No money changed hands. All words my own.



  1. Roger Marsh
    16 October, 2020 / 10:38 am

    All very well but how do you enter the competition ?

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