How much have you been exercising during lockdown?

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The world has seen some major changes since the start of the year, from social distancing to lockdowns, so it comes as no surprise that our habits may have changed. Many jumped online to video chat with friends and family, take part in an online quiz, or even attend a virtual festival! Others may have begun to focus on their health and fitness now they had the chance to.

Unsurprisingly, there was a sudden boom of online workout tutorials, giving us all ample content to fulfil our fitness needs – whatever they are. The 550% increase in searches for ‘online workout’ from April last year to April this year is no shock to anyone – especially with live daily workouts replacing in-person gym classes. Or some may have opted to simply jog to our local park for a quick run. In fact, nearly 6 million extra Brits exercised daily during lockdown according to a survey Myprotein ran – we asked for further details on how health was affected during lockdown.

Many will be happy that they’re able to visit the gym once again, but it won’t be the same as it was pre-lockdown. You may have to book an appointment so gyms can ensure there are not too many people in at once, keep your distance from other gym-goers, and may have to shower at home. 73% of gym-goers said they missed at least once thing about the gym. Some may not have workout equipment at home, suffering from cabin fever, cannot work out without their training partner, or get motivated by attending a gym class. Whatever their reason for missing the gym, it’s likely they’re glad for gyms to be open.

With no workout equipment, Brits had to get creative to keep up their gym gains or start their new fitness journey. Brooms became barbells, milk cartons became dumbbells, and the local park became their own personal running track. Even personal trainers adjusted and went virtual and hosted gym classes on video calls.

Concerns about health during lockdown were not uncommon, as we were told to stay at home, avoid being in contact with people, and wash our hands to keep them clean. Our diet may have been impacted too, as we may be going to the biscuit jar more than we should for a little treat – and we can’t head to the gym to use the treadmill as they closed their doors. So it’s no shock that the top worry was our diet suffering, with losing strength and cardio ability following not far behind.

If you found yourself to be one of those who may have indulged in more treats than they should have, maybe check out some meal prep recipes so you don’t overdo it on macronutrients and keep a calorie maintenance. There are loads of recipes out there, find ones that take your fancy and try them out! You could also book an appointment at the gym to burn off calories if you’re looking to lose weight. This is a great way to restart your fitness journey if you put it on hold.

But you don’t have to sign up to the gym just to use the cardio machines, it’s easy enough to do it at home. There are a range of exercises that require only a little bit of space that are ideal to get your heart pumping, such as sprinting on the spot, walking to your local park and then jogging multiple laps, or taking your bike out for a spin. The latter not only lets you get out the house and get some exercise in, but it’s a great opportunity to explore your area or ride to a more scenic area.

It’s now more important than ever to keep on top of your health, whether that’s keeping your hands clean or getting your daily exercise in. How did you keep fit during lockdown?



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