The Most Popular Mobile Apps in Canada

The mobile phone is considered an essential electronic gadget across Canada, with nearly every resident owning at least one. Almost all smartphone users have applications running on their phones, with most people deeming the devices useless without them. The apps serve different functions from casinos that provide games, such as Eye of Horus free play slot to communication platforms that make the world a small village. Below are the most popular applications in Canada:

Ruby Fortune

Canada is among the biggest gambling markets in the world, which makes the use of casino applications quite common. Ruby Fortune online casino is among the popular platforms that come with a download version for smartphone users. The establishment is packed with more than 450 casino games that are powered by the online gaming software developer Microgaming, and they include:

  • Mega Moolah
  • Star Scape
  • Mermaid Millions
  • Thunderstruck II
  • Age of Discovery
  • Dragon’s Loot
  • Break Away Deluxe
  • Hitman
  • Karate Pig

Ruby Fortune welcomes new Canadian players with a welcome package of 750CAD that is spread out over the first three deposits. Other incentives are awarded to returning clients occasionally.


Amazon serves as a perfect example of innovation through technology. The company, which has been running since 1994, has grown into a multinational tech giant with services all over the globe, including Canada. The American firm draws in clients with the unique provision of different segments, including eCommerce, digital streaming, Artificial Intelligence, and cloud computing. The application is accessible on almost any operating system, is light to use, and makes online shopping a breeze. Users can search for virtually any product using different parameters and filters with the click of a few buttons. The app is also as easy to use for sellers as it is for buyers.

Google Drive

With Android as the most used operating system on smartphones in Canada, Google takes the lead as the most popular of all multinational tech companies focused on providing internet services. Among the most popular of these products is Google Drive, which is a cloud-based storage solution. Google members automatically receive 15GB of free storage upon registration, and it can be made limitless for a fee. Google Drive stays ahead of its competition by having a variety of in-built integration across the Google suite of services. It also allows file sharing on top of storing your data in a remote location as a backup.

Google Maps

Google Maps is another product of the Google suite of online services that specializes in detailed geographical information. The app is mostly used to access directions from one place to another using conventional road maps, and it also provides time estimates for different transportation modes. Google Maps is preferred over most other map applications for its ability to do so much more, including:

  • Website administrators can embed the app into their proprietary site to make business provision easy, especially in the real estate and community service fields
  • Route planners that indicate the best roads to use for bikers, drivers, and walkers by taking different factors into consideration, such as traffic and weather
  • Google Street View makes it possible to navigate nearly anywhere across the globe in vertical and horizontal patterns
  • Offers aerial and satellite images of the world
  • Allows hobby astronomers to view space images of Mars, the moon, and other heavenly bodies

Google Play

Google Play is the mother of all Google suit options since it is the one-stop-shop for nearly all Android applications. The Google Play Store app can also be used to get music, as well as movie purchases and rentals. It often comes preinstalled in Android smartphones regardless of the manufacturer.


Uber, which was launched in 2010, is labelled as one of the most innovative tech companies of the 21st century. The American app-based firm is credited with the popularization of online taxi services, which did not take long to spread into Canada and across the globe. The ride-hailing business lets users summon a chauffeur with a few taps. Users have different ride options to choose from, the cheapest one being UberX. Other options include Uber Black, Uber SUV, and Uber Lux. The rides vary in prices depending on whether posh or regular cars are used. The size also matters.


Facebook is crowned the father of all social media, which was launched in 2002 and currently bragging more than two billion active users. The app has grown from being just a social platform to also supporting business communications. The company recently went as far as launching a digital currency to use on the application. The app allows users to create free accounts where they can share photos, videos, and even opinions with friends. Facebook is available on Android, Windows, iOS, and other popular smartphone operating systems.

Facebook Messenger

This app is a dedicated messenger platform for Facebook users that facilitates sending private messages among users. Previously, Messenger was part of Facebook but has since been separated for added privacy. The application is just as popular as Facebook, with billions of active users in Canada and elsewhere.


YouTube snubs the number one spot for Canada’s most popular video platform. The app’s success is rooted in the fact that it is created for the people, by the people. The application is a one-stop destination for news, music, entertainment and everything in between. The mobile app lets users upload and share videos with their subscribers at no cost. Signing up to the platform also enables one to subscribe to different channels and get recommendations for videos related to the content that they consume. The platform is so popular that 300 hours of video are put up every minute. 


Instagram is often dubbed as the modern version of Facebook, with more than one billion current users. The application serves as a photo-sharing and social networking platform that has become popular in the past decade. Initially, Instagram drew in numbers for its lack of a web-based version, which meant users had to download the app to use it. A web variation has since been made available, but it still limits what one can do as opposed to when using an application.

Final Comments

With more Canadians using smartphone applications more than ever, their popularity is through the roof. These applications are mostly free, with purchases for products and services being made after the fact.


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