5 Things to Pack in Your Travel Backpack

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While the tourism industry may have taken a hit during COVID-19, there’s sometimes no avoiding travel for work or family.

While this is in no way a full featured list, we’ve included the first 5 items that should find their way into your backpack when travelling during 2020.


  • Face Masks or Bandanas


It’s certainly a sign of the times when a face mask is top of our 5 things to pack in your travel backpack, but it is what it is.  

In the midst of a global pandemic, having an assortment of useful and stylish bandanas to choose from is imperative.

Not only do face masks and bandanas look great, they help keep both you and the people around you safe.


When you’re travelling, remember that you’re nothing more than a guest.  Don’t be that obnoxious traveller who thinks they’re above the locals and puts their health at risk.


  • Clothes with more socks and underwear than you need


While packing clothes are a given, we recommend always packing more pairs of socks and underwear than you think you need.  Trust us, you can never have too many pairs of either!

As a rule, you should pack enough underwear and shirts to wear daily, enough pants to wear every second day and a single jacket depending on climate.

Bring warm clothes to sleep in or at least layer.  Keep in mind, it’s easier to put light jumpers you’d wear during the day on when you go to bed.


Some hotels offer washing facilities that you can use while traveling, so take advantage and halve your packing if you can.


  •  Footwear matched to your plans


Footwear is an often overlooked category that should be planned carefully.  

Always pack your most comfortable walking shoes or joggers.  Never underestimate the amount of walking required when you’re travelling.

Alongside your joggers, pack a single pair of dress shoes that will match your outfit, a pair of flip-flops or sandals and finally shoes for any special activities you may be doing, such as hiking.


Wear your bulkiest pair of shoes on travel days.  This will save luggage space and money on flights with carry-on weight limits.


  • A Collapsible Water Bottle


Any traveller has faced the dilemma of how to pack a water bottle at one time or another.

They’re often big, heavy and in shapes that waste precious space in backpack pockets that you really would rather be using for something else.

This is where collapsible water bottles come in handy.  They simply fold (or kind of roll up), allowing you to pack a water bottle and not worry about wasted space when you underfill.


It’s the water inside your bottle that’s heavy, not the bottle itself.  Remember, you can always half fill a large water bottle, but you can’t overfill a small bottle if you ever need to.


  •  Entertainment devices you can double up


One often overlooked travel-hack, is to take electronic devices that double up. 

For example, your smartphone can double up as a kindle with the right app, or your laptop can double as both a tv screen and journal.

Also, try to download eBook versions of the book you’re reading to save space.  While most of us would still prefer a physical book, if there was a time for an eBook then it’s when travelling.


If you prefer the feeling you get when reading physical books, consider taking copies that you won’t mind leaving behind or passing onto someone else.


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