Shoe Care Tips

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Shoes are essential accessories in an outfit. A perfect pair makes one look elegant and creates an appealing appearance. Therefore, one needs to look after his or her shoes to make them last longer. These accessories are delicate, and one should handle them with care. Below are some tips that will help you maintain your shoes.

Alternate Pairs

For your shoes to last longer, it is wise to have an extra pair. This way, your shoes will get enough time to breathe before you wear them again. This will also allow them to dry before you store them in the shoe racks. Having extra pair of shoes for appropriate occasions will make them last longer. That means choosing the right shoes for the weather.

Clean the Shoes

Clean, smart, shiny shoes are crucial for your overall image, and cleaning your shoes regularly will preserve them for many years. Shoes are very easy to clean. You do not need a professional shoe polisher or cleaner to do the job. Choose a good polish that is the same color or shade as your shoes to keep your leather shoes shinning. The polish protects and nourishes the leather. Once the polish is found, you should use a high-quality horsehair brush to spread the polish uniformly.

For mud stains, just wipe the dirt using a clean damp cloth. Use a suede brush to clean suede shoes and prevent fading.

It is also crucial to clean the inside of the shoe to prevent unpleasant odor. You can use wipes with alcohol to clean inside your shoes. Tea tree oil is also an effective cleaning agent and an anti-fungal. In addition, always wear the appropriate hosiery. They are good in protecting shoes against perspiration, which causes bad odor inside a shoe.

Shoe Care Products

The most vital products which you should have in your shoe-shine box are:

  • Tree. A shoe tree prevents creases, and protects the shape of shoes. Shoe trees are available in plastic and wood. An ideal shoe tree is made of cedar wood since it absorbs moisture and is very effective in controlling bad odor.
  • Horn. The mouth area of the shoe often crumples when we slide our feet inside a shoe. A shoe horn protects this area by maintaining the shape of shoes.
  • Shoe Spray. Shoe spray protects the outer surface of a shoe by making them water-resistant. The spray can also be used to clean shoes.
  • Shoe glue. Always have good-quality glues for broken shoes. Look out for heels wearing down, worn soles or any tears and fix them immediately. This will make sure that your footwear is always in tip top condition and help it last longer.
  • Heel protectors. Heel protectors help extend the life of your high heels. It protects them from damaging surfaces such as sands, grass, shiny floors, wet ground and pebbles.

Store Shoes correctly

Do not just put your shoes anywhere in your house. Invest in a good shoe storage that will keep your shoes organized and prevent damaging the shoes’ shape. Also, go for closed storage that will keep the shoes away from dust and water. Keep the shoe boxes intact so that you can use them again when you are no longer wearing your shoes.

To keep your favorite pair of shoes for long you need take proper care of them. You should also note that shoe maintenance depends on the materials used to construct them. Therefore, follow the tips above plus the care instructions given by the manufacturer. This way you will preserve your shoes and keep them looking good for many years.



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