How to make sure your teenager doesn’t fall behind in their GCSEs during lockdown

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If you have kids approaching GCSEs who have been struggling in lockdown then read on as I have an hour of free tuition to give to everybody!

It’s one of those fun, little known facts about me that when I was doing my degree, I earned extra money doing private one-to-one maths tuition.

Bee was a toddler at the time, and I can’t remember exactly what she did while I was teaching small children about fractions through the medium of Lego, but private tuition brought in much needed extra cash for me at a time when I was cooking by candlelight because I couldn’t afford to replace the striplight in my kitchen.

Private tuition was a very different thing back then of course – I used to make my own maths board games out of bits of cardboard I cut out of the side of boxes and coloured with felt tip pens. The height of decadence was when I splashed out on a new workbook from WHSmiths and photocopied pages from it in the library for 10p a go.

As much as I enjoyed making my homemade games, it’s a good job that private tuition is more high-tech nowadays, particularly during the coronavirus outbreak. If I was doing it now I wouldn’t be allowed to even show up at someone’s house, let alone get into the library to make use of the top notch copying facilities.

One of the things that working one-to-one with students allowed me to do was to really get to know them and to tailor our sessions according to their needs and how they worked best. This is something that schools inevitably struggle with – it’s just not possible to cater for everyone’s individual needs in a class of 30 kids – and it’s one of the main reasons that parents seek out extra tuition for their children.

This personalised approach is the ethos of Nightingale Tuition, an online one-to-one tuition provider specialising in support for GCSEs.

(Another fun fact – my Brownie leader name is Nightingale. We all have bird names and the girls choose one for us. I wanted to suggest cock-of-the-rock but Brown Owl wouldn’t let me.)

Here’s a little flavour of Nightingale Tuition:

Nightingale Tuition has a more radical approach to online tuition than a lot of providers.

For starters, they run their virtual lessons in two hour chunks rather than the more traditional hour slot. Initially parents might double take a bit at this – surely teenagers can’t concentrate for two hours on anything other than Animal Crossing? – but when you actually think about the fact that most GCSE exams are an hour and a half or two hours long, it makes sense that part of the focus is on building up concentration spans and helping kids to prepare mentally as well as academically.

The longer lessons also give time for consolidation of previous learning as well as new work. Many children struggle at secondary school because they’re always been moved from one topic to the next without enough time to go over what they’ve learnt and get good foundations in place.

All learning currently takes place online, with the use of a virtual collaborative whiteboard. (Not a homemade cardboard board game in sight.) Tuition is available in a wide range of different GCSE subjects and tailored to different exam boards and they also offer support for 11+.

What really makes Nightingale Tuition different though is that they are driven not purely by results, but by the individual. Their focus is not to simply get kids through their exams, but to really get to know them, to understand how they learn and, most interestingly, why they learn. Once you understand the individual child, what motivates them, how they process and retain information, then you can really take them on an exciting and successful learning journey.

Get one hour of tuition completely free

Private tuition for kids is a big investment, but right now it’s imperative that teenagers don’t suffer just because they haven’t been able to physically attend school.

To help you decide if Nightingale Tuition is the right option for you, they are very generously offering an introductory hour of tuition, completely free, to Slummy Single Mummy readers. If you’re serious about investing in extra tuition then this is a great way to find out more about the Nightingale Tuition ethos and how they could help your child long term.

If you want to help your child stay on track with their GCSEs going forward, claim your free introductory session with Nightingale Tuition by visiting THIS PAGE and using the code SSMFREE1 on the booking form.


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