5 Reasons to Visit Los Angeles In An RV

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There is something about the idea of visiting Los Angeles, and particularly about traveling around the LA area in a luxury RV with your friends and family, that makes it seem like the ultimate holiday destination. This city has always held an air of excitement, ever since the early days of movies, where young hopefuls would flock to LA dreaming of a better life.

Today things are different for most people, although some do still go there to be ‘in the movies’, and it is much more of a tourist destination, and one that, if you get the chance, you should enjoy to the utmost. Here are some reasons to go there and to stay in a gorgeous RV at the same time.

The Beaches

Although the first thing you might think of when Los Angeles comes to mind is the city itself, it has several highly regarded beaches to enjoy as well. They include Venice Beach, which is one of the most popular and is always full of people relaxing, meeting up with friends, working out, and sunbathing.

Another popular spot for people to visit is Muscle Beach. We mentioned working out when talking about Venice Beach, but if you’re serious about it or want to watch those who are, then Muscle Beach is the place to go.

Plus, there is Santa Monica Beach and its famous pier. The pier itself is a whole day out, offering incredible views, lots of restaurant choices, a roller coaster, and even shops. This is one of the largest piers in America, and it is an iconic structure that you shouldn’t miss when you’re in LA.

There are several beaches all around the coastline, and when you have organized Los Angeles RV rental, you can easily travel from one to the next, checking them all out before deciding on which one (or ones) you might want to spend more time at.

Beverly Hills

One of the most famous districts of Los Angeles is Beverly Hills; it has the zip code 90210, which may be one of the most well known in the world. It is possible to take a walking tour of Beverly Hills. When you do, you can see some of the stars’ homes, possibly spot a film star, and even see the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, which was one of the most well remember locations in the movie Pretty Woman.

Although the walking tours are a lot of fun, you must remember that it gets very hot in Los Angeles, and therefore staying in your air-conditioned RV and traveling around in that way can be much more comfortable. You’ll still be able to see the famous sites, but you’ll do it in a much more relaxed and enjoyable way.

Location Spotting

Los Angeles has been used as the backdrop to many a movie, and something else you can do is look out for the most recognized and well know movie locations that are still dotted around the town. This is great fun, and you can download maps that will take you from place to place. You will definitely enjoy making the most of your RV at this point – trying to take in all the sights on foot would be impossible since there are so many, and you won’t want to have to pick and choose when you have the chance to see everything on offer.

Another fun thing to do when it LA is to book onto a studio tour. Universal Studios, Paramount, Sony, and Warner Brothers all offer this exciting opportunity to fans of the films. Although you must book in advance if you want to guarantee a space, it’s well worth doing so.


Something that LA is less famous for is its hiking trails, but if you are an active person and you want to explore the less tourist-filled parts of LA, then you should head out a little further in your RV and try some of the trails that crisscross the countryside. Whether you choose to run, walk, or jog is up to you, and the good news is that the trails are well maintained and well set out.

Ideally, you will want to take something with you for safety, and if you’re concerned about heading into the hiking areas alone, then you can join a group of others who will be good company for you, and who will make sure everything is safe. Seeing a different side to LA is exciting and a great way to contrast the more well-known town with the little-seen one.

The Cost

We’ve been talking about how much fun it is to visit Los Angeles, but we should also mention the cost. It’s not a cheap place to visit, and the hotels can be hugely expensive, especially the ones near the center of town and the ones in which the rich and famous stay. The problem is, these are also the best hotels for tourists since they are the most luxurious and comfortable. You can spend less, but you might regret it when you have a lumpy mattress and old pillows.

The luxury RV is a great alternative. There are lots of spots just outside the town where you can park your RV in complete safety, ready to drive back in the next day. Or you can leave your RV in the special camping ground and take a bus or taxi back to LA, depending on what you are planning to do.

Either way, you know you can enjoy your day and come back ‘home’ to a fully stocked RV, which is less expensive, but just as comfortable as a great hotel is a good thing. You can also head into Los Angeles in the evening to experience some of its iconic nightlife and visit clubs, bars, and restaurants before heading back to your RV in which you have everything you need. You’ll be glad of it and happy to rest your tired feet in great surroundings.


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