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The world is an uncertain and disconcerting place at the moment. It’s hard to know how we can protect ourselves, our families, and the wider community now that shops and businesses are slowly opening their doors once again. In many areas of the world and parts of the UK, wearing a face covering such as a scarf or mask has been actively encouraged, if not made mandatory, as a step we can all take to slow the spread of Coronavirus. We all have to continue living our lives, albeit differently, so anything that can help shield ourselves and others is invaluable right now.

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Our company, VN Trends, is known for our kaleidoscope of different products, from fitnesswear to construction toys. Our sister brand, TreasureBay, is more established and specialises in fine jewellery for men and women and has been featured in GQ and Vanity Fair. As an entrepreneur with experience of selling such a variety of items, I knew I had the knowledge and contacts to set up manufacture of PPE, specifically face masks.

Colleagues in my native Vietnam were able to quickly and efficiently set up production of high quality face coverings, which most importantly proved effective against the spread of disease under scientific testing, but also provide comfort to the wearer over long periods of time; are washable for multiple use; and remain affordable so that as many people as possible can purchase the masks and protect the people around them.

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Confirming to US standards and Sciessent tested, our breathable 100% cotton masks filters pollen, smoke, dust and other particulates out of the air for full protection. The snug design makes sure the mask stays close to your face, covering nose and mouth, and the ear loops don’t rub or put strain on your ears. The quality fabric retains its shape and integrity when washed, making them economic and reusable rather than disposable. Our personal protective equipment also comes in several different colours depending on your preference.

We now have large quantities of stock here in the UK available to ship immediately from our warehouse, whether that be delivering one pack to your home for family use or multiple boxes for staff at your business. No order too big or small, we can accommodate you. Visit to shop our range. We would love to hear from you so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all.

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