How to teach a child to play independently?

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Many parents complain that the child does not play on their own. Each time, hysteria and the requirement that mom must take part in these games. And she often already has a “tongue on her shoulder”, trying to drag alone a decent load of family responsibilities. In addition, the mother and without this devotes most of the time to the child, which even she does not even remember her beloved. Often this all leads to sadness and longing, a feeling of self-dissatisfaction and can even turn into a protracted depression. “Well, why don’t children play on their own?” She exclaims in a fit of hopelessness. Moms who are more advanced open our website “Stork on the Roof” and receive invaluable tips on how to teach your child to play on their own.

Why don’t children play on their own?

It is interesting that often children cannot play alone even with an incredible variety of toys donated to him, not because there are few toys, but rather a whole bunch of them. Mom then was confused: what else would come up with to entertain the beloved. And the child still does not want to play on his own – he is bored.

Experts argue that this happens from satiety. It used to be that a child from toys had only a wooden doll and a rusty nail. Today, in this regard, a complete abundance. And it’s hard for a child to fantasize – everything is already there. Hence the moral: do not flood your child with toys. It will only get worse. Also spoil in addition.

It turns out that the parents, without knowing it, can discourage the child from the desire to play independently. How does this happen?

  1. We choose toys for ourselves.

In childhood, some parents had material difficulties and a shortage of toys. So now, having given birth to a child, they make up for it. That is, when buying, they are guided by their desires, and not by the child. Some have a desire to buy a child as many toys as possible, and not simple ones, but with “gadgets”. As a result, their complexity and diversity causes apathy in the child. He does not need to imagine that the machine is driving, because in reality it is independently driving around the apartment. So it very important to let them choose what they actually want around them.

  1. They themselves plan the activity of the child.

We so want to develop our children that we come up with super games for them, and it is imperative to develop intelligence. Often, from the load on the brain, the child no longer wants to entertain himself and come up with a new one. Sometimes it happens that the baby’s day is scheduled by the hour and there is no time for his own decisions. Everything has already been decided by mom and dad. But the game is still a creative process, and here we need inspiration and freedom of action.

  1. We turn on the TV, give tablets and phones.

Parents introduce the child to a TV, tablet and phone. It’s convenient for them – a quick way to keep your child busy. Usually this causes strong interest, and at the same time, the craving for independent games is reduced. Why would a kid think up scenarios, entertain himself when there are already finished videos and pictures? But it is worth noting that the child does not develop creatively with this approach.

  1. We teach and teach.

Recently, parents have been striving to engage in the development of the child as early as possible. But not always these efforts give the desired result, and sometimes have the opposite effect – the tortured child begins to slow down in development. Hence the conclusion: do not overdo it, speeding up the process. Better everything goes its course.

  1. We are not inspired.

It happens that the child’s imagination just ends. Sometimes he lacks ideas and life experience to understand how to diversify his gameplay. Therefore, interest may be lost.

How to teach a child to play independently?

  • If your kid has a huge number of toys and he is bored, then remove the majority. Leave a few, and then replace them so that interest does not fade away. And remember that it is better for a child to choose an ordinary doll than one that talks and performs many other actions. Let him imagine, as she says, move and take his care.
  • Do not overload the child with developmental activities. Let sometimes she just look out the window, see how a new house is being built, load containers of a garbage truck, or let them play games with natural things like water games etc. You can find the best water table games online for kids or all ages. Give him free time and initiative so that the baby decides what to play, where and when.
  • Even if you resort to the help of a TV, tablet and phone, then at least limit the viewing time. However, it’s best to introduce your child to gadgets as late as possible. Up to two years, a child can safely do without it. Otherwise, do not ask yourself later why the child does not play independently on a yearly basis.
  • To really develop a child, give him the opportunity to do it on his own. Create a space where he can play safely in safety. Do not interfere with the process. When the child comes to you – only then connect. So what if his activities seem silly to you. At the same time, he cognizes the world and surrounding reality.
  • They saw that the baby was bored – tell him the idea of ​​a new game. Discuss the scenario, help look at the old toys in a new way, and then return to your business and do not correct. It will now be his game and his rules. You will only give impetus to his new adventures.

Understand that playing alone is an important asset for the baby. These are the same basic skills and the necessary stage of development, as the child’s ability to quench his thirst, hunger, go to the toilet himself … Agree, when a child knows how to do this, it becomes much easier for parents.


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