Welcome Your 30s With These 8 Banging Party Ideas

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Does the idea of turning thirty terrify you? Well, it shouldn’t! We agree that your 20s are wild, exciting and new. It’s your first time out on your own, exploring the world, being an adult. 

But your 20s has this constant restlessness present. You are on the hunt for a better job, a better partner and an overall better life. And to be honest, the whole idea of your 20s being the best time of your life is complete bull propagated by anti-ageing brands. 

The best time of your life actually begins in your 30s. You’ve made peace with your likes and dislikes and that allows you to be more confident in your skin. And this deserves to be celebrated! Check out these party ideas to welcome your 30s in style.


  • Disco-Themed Party


Take a cue from HBO’s Big Little Lies and put together a disco-themed party for your thirtieth birthday. Big hair and incredible music, what’s not to love?

Apart from setting a retro dress code, you should definitely create a great disco playlist. You can go all out and hire a live band. 


  • Mini Masquerade Ball


Throw a Gossip Girl inspired masquerade ball for the big 3-0. You don’t necessarily have to book a grand venue for a masquerade ball. All you need is fabulous gowns and extravagant masks, and even your living room can become a ballroom. Remember to set up a photo booth to capture your epic outfits.


  • Casino Party


You don’t have to fly to Las Vegas to celebrate your dirty thirty. You can bring the casino to you. Yeah, you heard that right!

Plan a red, green, white and black casino themed party. You can get casino themed decor and treats. 

But what’s a casino party without gambling? Ditch the tedious task of putting up poker tables and slot machines and instead set up online casino games for your guests. It’s much easier yet equally fun. The best slot sites to pass time while you are at home are Mobile Casino Kings Slot Rush and many more can be found on the website. 


  • 90s Themed Party


Tiny sunglasses, low-waisted pants, lip liner- all the 90s trends are coming back. So why not make it the theme of your party? 

Take fashion inspiration from Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Lindsey Lohan. Don’t forget to curate a playlist with the best of the 90s including hits from TLC, Spice Girls, Mariah Carey, Madonna and Snoop Dog.


  • Black & White Gala


If you’re looking for a sophisticated option, go with a black and white theme. You can send out black and white invites and set a monochrome dress code. But make sure you incorporate at least one more in the decor pallet to keep things interesting. You can also get an old-school photo booth that prints black and white pictures.


  • ‘13 Going On 30’ Party


Take inspiration from the ultimate turning-thirty movie ‘13 Going On 30’. Your guests can dress up as thirteen or thirty-year-old characters from the movies. And the drinks menu must include Piña Coladas, not virgin of course. There’s no better way to be thirty, flirty and thriving.


  • Wine Tasting Party


Does the idea of hosting a rager for your thirtieth doesn’t appeal to you? For those looking for a more chilled option, put together a wine tasting party. Get a variety of wines and whip up a cheese board. End the night with a scrumptious sit-down dinner and cake. 


  • Childhood Heroes Party


Pop icon Taylor Swift comes to mind when you think of epic celebrations. A couple of years ago she threw a childhood heroes costume party. A-listers such as Gigi Hadid, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and more came dressed as their childhood favourites. You can go to town with this idea and have the time of your life.


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