A Quick Overview of Allen James Diamonds

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Everything is sold online nowadays. You can find and buy almost everything and anything over the internet. You can buy groceries, cars, clothes, electronics, jewelry, and even real estate.

From brand new items to second-hand items, you can definitely find it online. You can even buy mystery boxes where you don’t know what you are buying and just get surprised by what you get.

The online retail industry is host to a lot of different items especially jewelry. In the jewelry market, especially in the market for precious stones, there has been a growing demand online. That is because some find the shopping experience for diamonds is better online with more options and less pressure from attendants. Visit this link to learn why you should buy diamonds online: https://www.diamonds.pro/education/buy-diamonds-online/

In the e-commerce business for jewels, one of the leading names is James Allen. James Allen, together with his wife, is one of the pioneers of diamond selling over the internet. They started their e-commerce business back in 1998 and have since become one of the leading online stores for this precious gem. For more options for buying jewels online visit here: teachjewelry.com


The best thing about this online business is the quality of its products and services. They make sure that you get the best price for the jewelry that you choose and that it gets delivered to you right away.

Aside from that, one of their main goals is to give customers good shopping experience. To do so, they made sure to take high quality pictures and videos of their diamonds so that buyers will be able to see clearly what they are buying even when it is just online. This way, customers will feel that the gems they are choosing from are right in front of them. Click here to learn why diamonds photos are important.

They have a large inventory of these precious gems and they make sure to take excellent quality pictures and videos of each to ensure a wonderful customer experience. They have an inventory of about 115,000 of these precious stones, some with different sizes, cuts, and clarity. A team in India takes pictures of the diamonds 24/7 to make sure the right pictures and videos are readily available anytime.

buy diamonds online


When you order from the James Allen website, your item will be shipped through FedEx. Your item will arrive at your doorstep the next day after you order it. When you open your package, you will notice that it is very well secured to make sure that your item does not get damaged along the way

Instead of using packing fillers to stop movement, a thick board box is found inside the FedEx outer brown box that fits perfectly to ensure that there is no unnecessary movement. On the red board box, is imbued with the beautiful James Allen logo with the butterfly.

Inside the red board box with the beautiful James Allen logo, there is a full-sized foam insert that protects the polished jewelry boxed in the center. Some important documents and papers can be found on the underside part of the box.  These papers include the invoice and certificates along with a polishing cloth too.

When you open the polished jewelry box, you will find the ring with the diamond or any rare stone on it. Since James Allen provides high-quality resolution pictures and videos of their products, you can be sure that what you see over the internet is what you will also get.

Other Jewellery

Aside from engagement rings, Allen James Diamonds offers an assortment of different jewelry. They offer bracelets and diamond necklaces depending on what you want. At first, they only sold engagement rings as that is their specialty but over the years, they have widened their focus to a lot more different Jewellery.

Because of their decades of experience with engagement rings, they are known to handle precious gems very well whatever the medium. They can set jewels anywhere from bracelets to necklaces.

If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring for your partner, then it is best to try looking online. You have more options and yet still sure that it is legitimate. Just make sure that you buy from reputable websites like Allen James Diamonds and Blue Nile Diamonds.


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