Four Tips for a Successful Newborn Photography Session in Houston

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Houston is a beautiful place to raise a family. It may be famous for large multinational companies and bustling entrepreneurial hubs, but this Texan city is an ideal environment for your newborn baby. It is a place that stimulates the senses and encourages all aspects of development in children. There is NASA, zoos, museums, and restaurants that are ideal places for children to learn and explore.

If you have a newborn you are raising in the Bayou city, you could celebrate the arrival of your bundle of joy by getting newborn baby photography services in Houston, Texas.

To prepare for the photoshoot, heed the following tips for a fun and smooth session for you and your baby.

1. Feeding, Nappy Breaks and Everything in Between

A full tummy equals a happy baby. Try to feed your baby as soon as you arrive in the studio. A full baby will sleep more soundly, allowing the photographer to capture sweet, sleeping photos.

Newborns feed every hour or two, so be prepared for feeding breaks throughout the session. Make sure that there is plenty of cuddling and soothing so that your little one will be calm and happy.

In between feedings, there will inevitably be nappy breaks. Keep diapers, wipes, and trash bags within your reach for quick clean-ups. Just be patient, and don’t get embarrassed if your baby has accidents. Your photographer is used to these situations and will be very understanding.

2. The Perfect Time For the Photoshoot

The best time for newborn baby photography services in Houston, Texas, is during the first 25 days of life. It is the time when babies are still flexible to be positioned into adorable poses. Book your sessions during the second trimester of pregnancy.

Contact your photographer within 48 hours after the birth of your precious one to schedule the photography session anywhere within the first 25 days.

If you were not able to book a session beforehand, you might still be able to get a last-minute session. A photographer may be able to accommodate before the first month is over.

3. Keeping the Baby Perky Before the Shoot

Try to keep the baby awake an hour or two before the session. An excellent way to keep him energized before going to the studio is to bathe him. During baths, babies tend to cry it out, making them a bit tired. A good bath also keeps their hair, if they have any, soft and fluffy.

4. Prepare Your Photoshoot Arsenal

Bring enough formula if your baby is bottle-fed. Wear comfortable clothing that will make it convenient for breastfeeding. You may also bring a pacifier to soothe your baby during the shoot. Since the photographer will be transitioning from one pose to another, your baby may get fussy. A pacifier will be a great help to calm your baby.

You could also bring your props or clothes. Photographers already have a collection of accessories for you to choose from. But if you have a particular object or piece of clothing that you want to incorporate in the shoot, then feel free to bring it.

Having a newborn and raising him in a gorgeous place such as Houston is a cause for celebration. Beautiful newborn photographs are keepsakes that will be cherished by the whole family for years to come. Preparing for the sessions will ensure that you will get the most out of this special day.


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