Stunning Modern (with a Touch of Classic) Interior Design Ideas

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Modern homes don’t have to mean stark white walls, high ceilings, and floor to floor glass windows. Blending a few traditional or more classic touches with the convenience and comfort of modern amenities is all the rage, and with good reason. It ensures that the home remains inviting and cozy, but understated enough that not too many distracting tchotchkes pollute one’s line of vision.  

However, there are a few tricks to getting this finicky combination just right; move too far in one direction of stylistic influence and you risk losing the classic touch altogether. Or, worse, you move so far into the modernist elements that eventually your home looks like a spaceship. The following are a few tips to help you design a home with classic interiors mixed with modern touches to create an environment filled with distinct characteristics and charms. 

Cultivate a Neutral Palate

This doesn’t mean you should only stick to beiges and creams, but you should stick to a single color choice that allows the lines of your furniture to take center stage. A modern color palette tends to lean to the cooler side; pale gray, light blue, and white dominate. If you want to add a slightly more traditional twist, then you can add a few touches here or there with warmer colors such as copper, red, and green. Interior designers over at featureDECO recommend balancing things out by using the more modern hues as a base while adding warmer colors as an accent – or vice versa. You can choose how you want to approach this by thinking whether you want to start by painting your walls a neutral color, while also choosing a coppery orange sofa.

Limit Kitschy Accessories

You can add artful details through a mix of furnishings and fabrics, but you don’t want to confuse the eye. Also, look for a beautiful, impactful piece of art to showcase and keep all the other bells and whistles to a minimum. In most cases, one large piece on the wall is far better than an arrangement of small one-offs. 

Another technique you can employ is by adding a rustic accent in the form of colorful vases or slightly more old-fashioned light fixtures that make a subtle statement while also complementing the modern-themed interiors of your home. Mix and match the accents and works of art to combine the warmth of more traditional pieces with the technological advancements of modern furniture.


Perhaps the toughest thing to achieve when updating your home’s interiors is creating a cohesive set of textures, colors, and design elements that come together to convey your specific tastes and interests. However, if you follow the advice mentioned above tips, you can create the right ambiance provided you keep things minimalistic and subdued, and adding delicate flourishes when it feels right.

You don’t have to go all out and spend a lot of money to redecorate your home. The classic look is easier to achieve than you think. Again, the key is to be mindful of colors, patterns, and textures, without sacrificing style or, most importantly, comfort. 


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