Explore The Mayan Ruins Of Cancun

When you are planning a vacation to Cancun, you can see more than the beaches and resorts. You can travel inland to see the Mayan ruins that were left behind from a forgotten people. Planning your trip becomes much more exciting when you go to these locations, and there are a few tips that will help you plan a fun trip for you and the family.

How to get to Cancun

The most important thing before you get started on your itinerary is of course to plan your route. When you consider the question of how to get to Cancun it will depend on where you’re travelling from, how long you want to go for and the forms of transport you want to include or avoid.

Find A Good Place To Stay

Cancun vacation rentals are the best place to stay when you come to the area. You can use these rental homes as a home base for your trip, and you can rest there at the end of the day.

You might rent a place that is in the middle of town where you have street access, or you could rent a bungalow that is close to the beach. You might get an ocean view when you come to a place like this, or you can be close to the clubs and bars you enjoy most.

Plus, you should get to know your landlord because they can give you preferred rates and the dates that you want. You can bring friends on your trip, and you can host parties in a villa that has a full kitchen and extra bedrooms.

Find A Tour Guide

When you come to Cancun, you need a tour guide who will take you outside of the city. Yes, the tour guide can show you around the ruins. However, you need to make sure that the tour guide can take you to the ruins, show you the surrounding area, and introduce you to the locals. The ruins are beautiful, but you need to meet a local expert who will help you truly enjoy the area.

The tour guide should have a vehicle that they will use to drive off-road and take you out to the ruins. You do not want to use your rental car to leave the city, and you should not try to drive there by yourself. The remote parts of Mexico are hard to navigate if you have never been there before.

Which Sites Should You Visit?

Chichen Itza is one of the most famous ancient sites in the world. The site is so popular that you will meet other travelers there, but you need a tour guide who can give you a full tour of the property. A proper tour of the area will tell you all about the history of the ruins, when they were built, and which ruins you can get close to.

The Tulum ruins are not that far away, and they give you some good places to take pictures. The El Rey Archaeological area is a place that is still being researched today. You can go to the site to meet the scientists who are unearthing artifacts from the past, and you can walk among the open ruins.

If you want to go closer to the water, Xel-Ha Park has many archaeological finds that you can survey for yourself. Most people who come to this area will see an untouched part of the coast that they would have missed otherwise. Plus, you will learn about the seafaring Mayans who lived in the area.

What About Your Trip Back To Cancun?

You can ask your tour guide about the places in Cancun that you should visit including the popular Hard Rock Cafe, inland river kayaking tours, and a tour of nightclubs in the city. You can have a fun time in the city when you have come back from the ruins, or you could split your time between historical sites and the city. Ask your tour guide how they would create your itinerary before you leave for your trip.


Coming to Cancun is a great way to get away from your daily grind. However, you need to find the best places to visit, the Mayan ruins that will take you back in time, and a tour guide who will make the trip easier. A tour guide can take you anywhere in the area that you like, and you can rent a beautiful vacation home that gives you access to the beach, the city, and your favorite shops.


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