5 Creative Christmas Decor DIYs for the Whole Family

‘Tis the season for Christmas decor! And while everybody wants to deck the halls for the holiday, nobody wants to break the bank doing so- enter in creative Christmas decor DIYs. You can go all out this holiday season without shopping till you drop on new decorations. Whether you are looking for crafts that include the whole family, or a new DIY to do with friends over a glass of mulled wine, we’ve rounded up 5 creative DIYs for those looking to get crafty this winter.

Pearl Ornaments

DIY ornaments have never been easier! You can pick up plain glass ball ornaments inexpensively around holiday season and there have never been more ways to decorate them. Try adding white Freshwater pearls to the inside and topping off with a stylish bow. Add a holiday saying to the outside with a metallic sharpie or leave plain for a classic look. For another take on pearl ornaments, glue loose pearls on the outside of the ornament for a textured and glam take on ornaments. Layer different sized pearls to cover the space easier and ensure no gaps. For more DIY ideas with clear ornaments, they can also be added with sprinkles, confetti, paint, glitter, or a hot chocolate mixes for a sweet holiday gift! And if you’re going all in on a pearl-themed Christmas this year, make sure to coordinate with your décor by opting for a classic white pearl necklace to complete your festive look.

Assorted Christmas Garlands

This Christmas DIY is great for the whole family to partake in. There are so many different variations of garlands you can make and they look amazing layered across your mantle. Paper garlands are some of the easiest to create. To achieve the Christmas tree garland, head to your local craft store and pick out green paper (try out variations in colours or patterns). Cut three triangles out of the same paper in the same size, fold each one in half lengthwise, and affix the back of each triangle together to assemble a 3D tree. Now just punch a hole at the top and string them! To assemble the pom pom garlands, just string pom poms of assorted colors using a needle and string to hang. If you want to continue layering them but you’re ready to be done crafting, head to the trims section of the store to find an already made pom pom trim.

Wood Block Card Holder

To create this easy holiday decor, gather wood craft blocks, painters tape, your favourite colour paint, and jewelry wire. To start, tape half the block off and paint in assorted colours. This is an easy step to enlist the whole family in. Use brass jewelry wire to create paper clip-shaped photo holders and a thumbtack to poke a hole to attach in the block. Gold sticker letters can help spell out whatever holiday message you want to share to complete the look. You can now display the various holiday cards you receive all winter long.

Christmas Light Wreath

Light up the room with this Christmas light wreath! All you need to complete this colorful wreath is hot glue, vintage lights, and a cardboard ring. You can layer different colours and sizes to complete the look! This vintage moment looks best for an understated holiday appeal, but for those looking for brightly coloured decorations try using newly saturated coloured bulbs.

Regardless, this easy DIY decor only takes 3 items to complete.

Tealight Snowmen

Tealight snowmen are a great DIY craft to do with kids as they are fairly simple to create. Use a sharpie to draw eyes and a mouth on the tea light. Cut strips of black felt (approximately 1-¼” wide) to fashion into a tophat, while pipe cleaners and pom poms can be used for earmuffs. Wrap a 4.5” piece of ribbon around the neck to complete the scarf! Use hot glue and another piece of ribbon to turn this tealight snowman into an ornament perfect to hang on your tree.

Hopefully these decor DIYs have inspired you to get crafty this Christmas when it comes to decorating your home for the holidays. Which craft project are you excited to take on next? Let us know in the comments below!


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