Fun Transportation Activities for Kids

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What to do?

You’ve probably asked this question a thousand times! I know I have when it comes to entertaining kids over the years.

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s no wonder parents are being driven crazy! Trying to buy the perfect Christmas gifts and scheduling fun activities to do at this time of the year can be a handful.

Speaking of driving, there is no denying that transport plays such a big part of our everyday lives – from cars on the street and tractors in the farm, to planes in the sky and trains on tracks.

So, why not make it part of your child’s entertainment too? There’s no limit to what fun they will get up to with transportation activities for everyone to enjoy.

Here is a list of a few fun transportation activities for kids:

Arts and crafts

For you little Picassos out there, instead of a paintbrush, why not try a toy car or truck’s wheels dipped in paint to create some awesome tyre patterns and shapes.

Float with your very own cardboard boat! Design it however you wish, and take it to the park where you can race it in a nearby pond with friends.

Look online for printable roads and signs, creating a vehicletopia for your toy people, animals, and cars with cardboard tubes for tunnels and maybe a small garage!

make a paper boat


Hoping to give your children a traveltastic education? The UK has hundreds of museums for kids to learn and explore, such as the London transport museum, Greater Manchester’s museum of transport, or the Imperial War museums for a deeper look inside history’s war machines and vehicles that drove us to victory.

Games and Songs

There are plenty of games related to cars, trains, tractors and planes to fill your time!

See who can throw a paper plane the furthest, pin the tyre on the car, name a vehicle with every letter of the alphabet, or play true or false with traffic lights.

Next time your out on a family road trip, 20 questions, sing-a-longs, and number plate scrabble always goes down a treat.

Tap into their imagination as they stage a race, police chase, or act as a mechanic the next time they want to roleplay!


Many of us have fond memories with toys as kids, and I honestly miss seeing them dotted around the house since my daughters are all grown up. But with my grandson Joey in the picture, now there is nothing but toys!

Recently, I came across a website called Electric Ride On Cars who sell all kinds of ride on cars, mini dirt bikes, balance bikes, Go karts – the list goes on!

Burn rubber with these electric toys that will not only keep kids active, but allow them to experience the thrill of driving around in their very own vehicle!

All are available in variety of colours, with special feature like LED lights, engine noises, and parental remote control.

Fortunately, it has its own spare parts shop too, just in case you need a quick fix.

So, no matter what level they are at there is something out there for everyone.

Train Journeys and Motor Shows

If your kid loves trains then choo choo along the countryside with a steam train journey at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, Lappa Valley Steam Railway and many more.

Or, visit a classic car show to get an exclusive look at the coolest and sleekest vehicles from every decade, and maybe even watch an electrifying stunt show or two.

steam train journeys


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