Strategies For Finding The Right Vehicle For Your Growing Family

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At the end of 2018, there were 38.2 million licensed vehicles in the UK. Among the many reasons that individuals across the country purchase and register a new vehicle is to accommodate their growing family. A car that once worked well for you and your partner, and perhaps one child, may pose challenges when you welcome your second, third, or even fourth child. However, before making this major purchase, it is crucial to evaluate your needs to ensure that you get the vehicle that will work best for your expanding family.

Larger standard cars

When browsing different sizes of vehicles to accommodate your growing family, you may automatically assume that you need a significantly larger vehicle (such as an MPV). Thankfully, this is not always the case. If you currently own a compact car, simply upgrading to a larger car could provide the space and features you most desire. Some of the UK’s best selling vehicles, such as the Volkswagen Polo hatchback and the Ford Focus hatchback, are known for their spacious interiors. These selections are great when looking to provide more space for your children. Another benefit of skipping larger vehicles is the cost savings.

Estate vehicles

When a slightly larger car doesn’t quite provide the needed space for your growing family, the next category of vehicles to explore are estate vehicles. While they are still considered to be standard cars, they are much longer than hatchbacks and other similar styles. This is ideal if you need extra trunk space for road trips with the family, or when attending extracurricular functions. There are also many luxury vehicles in this category. This makes estate vehicles an excellent choice for families that need a bit less space than an MPV, and who also want more premium features. Examples of popular estate vehicles include the Volkswagen Passat Estate and the BMW 5 Series Touring. One thing to keep in mind when considering this kind of car is that you should expect to pay thousands of pounds more compared to what’s required for standard cars.

Spacious MPVs

If you need the maximum amount of seating and storage space, an MPV is easily the best way to go. Although they are one of the more costly options, families of five or more will find comfort in these spacious vehicles. MPVs such as the Renault Grand Scenic and the Ford Grand C-Max offer seven total seats. Additionally, for those seeking one of the more innovative MPVs on the market, the Citroën Grand C4 SpaceTourer provides unparalleled benefits for the whole family. It offers exciting features such as three rows of seating, 74mpg, and an HD infotainment screen. For those with the budget (typically £25K and upward), MPVs are one of the most family friendly types of vehicles available.

In addition to considering the type of vehicle that will be most appropriate for your growing family, be sure to establish a few other important things. Choose a budget that makes sense for your financial goals, decide whether financing will be needed, and discuss whether or not this vehicle upgrade will serve as a second vehicle (or if your current vehicle can be traded in). Also, include your children in the decision making process. Let them participate in test drives, and get their input about which vehicle they most enjoy.


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