4 Things you didn’t know about the Northern Lights

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northern lights

The universe is an excellent place for us to be in, and especially on planet earth. It carries life, and every location in it is unique. One of the destinations that excite most people is the North Pole. In it, the northern lights are a fascinating feature everyone wants to see.

Others call this type of light the Aurora Borealis. There is no difference. If you want to know more about these Northern Lights, from the origin to the best time to go and see them, then this article offers all the information you require about them.

Here are some of the things you need to know about the Northern Lights.

  1. You need to know where their origin

Not many people know the source of these lights. Some people think that in between these lights, you can see your ancestors dance in them. Vikings also believe that these lights are the fire that the gods light to lighten up the sky.

However, all these may be misconceptions. The truth is that these lights come from the sun. Typically, it releases solar flares, which flow throughout space. Each gas released produces its color attribute. Hence, you see these lights in the sky.

Note that the reason these gases are not hot is that the earth has its magnetic field, which is a defensive mechanism against the lethal power within these lights.

  1. Where you should go to see these lights

Contrary to their name, these lights also appear on the South Pole. Remember that the North and South Pole are the two weakest regions where the earth’s magnetic field strength is weak. If you are keen enough, you could also spot them on the equator.

If you desire to see the Northern Lights, you have to go to specific areas near the Arctic Circle. Nevertheless, they are not easy to spot, which means you may have to depend on a tour guide to help you know the best times to see them.

The best places to view them include Scotland, Iceland, Tromso in Norway, Alaska- especially in Fairbanks, and Alberta in Canada.

  1. The best time to spot them

Primarily, these lights are difficult to predict when they appear. It might be the reason you might need a tour guide so that they can alert you when you need to see one.

Besides appearing in the night, there are certain times when you will be able to see these dancing lights well. Sometimes, the lights can go all night long while; sometimes, they may last for about ten minutes.

People who have had an opportunity to watch them say that it was the best feeling ever.

  1. The best month to visit these areas

Since the best time to see these rays is when the skies are clear, then that would be the best time to visit these areas. Meaning, you may not see anything if you go during the winter.

Nevertheless, you should pick months when nighttime is longer. That is anytime between January and March. Most people go to see them during this time.

Avoid going to these places between April and August. You may miss noticing them unless you have special equipment.

Final remarks

As with any other tourist destination, ensure that you plan to visit accordingly. Choosing months when you can view these lights properly is the right thing to do. You can also make prior bookings to hotels that can host you for those days you will be spending on watching or even studying these Northern lights.


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