Jobs You Can Have As A Stay-At-Home Mother


jobs for work at home mums

In today’s economy, it’s practical for both parents to bring in income for the family. It’s even more challenging for single moms and dads because they have to do everything on their own. They must ensure that their kids have something to eat and a home to stay in while helping them with their schoolwork and, more importantly, teaching them the right values.

Fortunately, more and more companies are outsourcing their processes and allowing their employees to work remotely. This new setup enables moms to take care of their babies at home and have a decent-paying job at the same time.

Here are some jobs that you can have as a stay-at-home mother:

1. Tutor

If you enjoyed the lessons taught in school while you were still a student and you have a knack for letting others understand complex concepts, you will thrive as a tutor. Thanks to video conferences and chat messaging, you can now offer your services to people all over the world.

Becoming an English teacher is one of the easy and flexible jobs to start working from home. The language is used globally, which is why a lot of people from non-English speaking countries in Asia want to learn how to speak it. You have a significant advantage since it’s your native tongue, so you know its intricacies.

2. Writer or Editor

A job as a freelance writer is ideal if you are more comfortable expressing your thoughts through writing. Editors, on the other hand, should be very attentive to detail and know the technical aspects of the written word.

Brands easily outsource both jobs, so you can find lots of vacancies online. The positions typically pay about 36 USD per hour while other companies prefer to compensate you for every article you write.

The primary advantage of being a freelance writer or editor is that you have full control over your workload. Even if your employer sets the deadline, you have the freedom to accept or decline the project depending on your schedule.

ways to earn money from home

3. Blogger

You can also start a blog to document life as a stay-at-home mom or whatever niche you want to focus on. This way, you won’t be limited to following what your employer or clients want you to write about, as is the case with being a freelance writer.

Setting up your own blog gives you the same control over your workload along with the content you’ll be publishing. However, you should remember that building a following can be a challenge, so you should be ready to invest a considerable amount of time and effort into your personal brand.

These are the ways that bloggers make money:

  • Affiliate Marketing – As an affiliate marketer, you earn through commissions when your readers buy a brand’s products through the link you promoted in your blog. It’s one of the most straightforward ways to generate income from your website.
  • Advertising – Ads are another way to monetize your blog. Services like Google AdSense make the process manageable. With this income method, you just need to allow brands to display their advertisements on your site. Depending on the brand, you earn money through visits or clicks.
  • Sponsorships – Once you’ve generated a substantial following, some companies may directly work with you to promote their products and services. These sponsors want you to advertise their merchandise through blog posts in the hopes that your readers trust your opinion enough to make the purchase themselves. You may get compensation in the form of free products or through cash payments.
  • Direct Selling – Some influencers also opt to create their own products and services, which they promote to their readers. You don’t even have to sell a tangible product. You can write guides and ebooks, which have very minimal manufacturing costs, and put them up for sale.

4. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants or VAs are freelancers who offer administrative and technical support to businesses. If you’ve had a corporate background and are proficient with different software programs, you can quickly work as a VA while staying at home with your kids.

Virtual assistants help business owners with administrative tasks like data entry and appointment setting. Other jobs that typically fall under a VA’s workload are social media marketing, customer support, and website management.


Today’s technology allows businesses to outsource their processes so that they can focus on their growth and development. Moms who choose to stay with their kids benefit the most from this setup because it allows them to generate income while being hands-on with child-rearing. Becoming a tutor, writer, editor, blogger, and virtual assistant are some popular and in-demand jobs for stay-at-home mothers.


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