Hire a Photographer in Dublin to Capture Ireland’s Luck and Charm

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things to do in Dublin

Anyone travelling to the capital of Ireland is bound to feel lucky, and why wouldn’t they? The city is full of a unique energy combining the modern with the historic, legendary monuments, and a rich culture. From the history of literary masters such as Yeats and Wilde to sprawling public parks, Dublin has something for every traveller to enjoy. If you decide to hire a photographer in Dublin, you’ll also have the advantage of making sure that your vacation is captured in photos. What makes Dublin special isn’t just the sites and landmarks, but also the unique atmosphere and energy of the city.

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The Emerald Isle

Ireland has earned the nickname “the Emerald Isle” from its persistent greenery. While Dublin may be a large and busy city, there are still many places you can go to experience the natural side of Ireland. Within the city limits there is the famous St. Stephen’s Green, a pleasant public park space with walking paths, a duck pond, and plenty of places for a picnic. It’s also a great spot to hire a photographer in Dublin; whether you’re hoping for a family photo shoot or some individual shots, the scenery makes the perfect background. Another option to get outside and in nature is to visit Phoenix Park which also includes other attractions such as the Dublin Zoo, and the beautiful Deerfield property which used to be the home of an ambassador.

things to do in Dublin

Arts and Learning

Who says learning can’t be fun? Dublin has numerous museums that are both entertaining and educational for you to learn something new during your vacation. You can visit the charming Little Museum of Dublin which details what life was like in the city throughout the centuries. At the National Gallery of Ireland, you’ll be able to walk through exhibitions featuring both Irish and international artwork in a classic venue. Next to the Irish Parliament are the Kildare Street Museums, including the National Museum of Ireland and the National Library which are both fascinating places to tour.

Culture and City Life

Dublin is a pedestrian friendly city, making it a fun place to simply walk around to browse the shops and see what daily life is like for Dubliners. Grafton Street is one of the city’s most popular shopping areas, with a statue of the famous Molly Malone at the beginning of the avenue. From street vendors selling flowers to cute boutiques, you can pass a leisurely afternoon exploring the area. In Marrion Square you can often view local artists displaying their goods and at any time of week you can come to admire the impressive architecture of the area.

things to do in Dublin

To add to the lucky atmosphere of Dublin, you can hire a photographer from Localgrapher to capture professional photos of your vacation. You won’t want to risk missing any of the important details of what makes your experience special, and with a professional’s skill and a local’s advice, you can put your mind at ease and enjoy your vacation.

things to do in Dublin


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