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My house. IN MY DREAMS.

If you’ve been considering boiler cover and fancy a free £40 Amazon voucher then BOY OH BOY, you are in luck today.

When I bought my very first house in 2017 there were a lot of things I’d never had to think about before. A fricking great DEBT for a start obviously, that I won’t pay off until I’m about 143, but smaller things too.

Like the ROOF. When you live in a rented house, you never have to worry about the roof. It’s just sort of there, covering you, and if anything goes wrong with it then it’s someone else’s problem. Ditto the plumbing, wiring, sewerage, radiators – basically ALL OF THE THINGS.

Being very sensible and nearly 40 at the time, I realised that you probably can’t take the ‘satsuma on the dashboard‘ approach to owning a house, like I do with owning a car. I would need to think carefully about grown up things like insurance, having the number of a good electrician and where to put the gin cabinet.

I’ve always been a big believer in only insuring against things you couldn’t otherwise afford to pay for. Obviously there is stuff you HAVE to have, like buildings insurance, but I’ve never spent money on extended warranties for electrical appliances, or cancelling train tickets or anything like that, because I could afford the hit if I absolutely had to.

In my new house though I decided that there were some things that, having used all of my savings for my deposit, I wouldn’t be able to afford to pay for should anything go wrong.

For example, I now have pet insurance*, because I really never want to have to spend thousands of pounds on a teeny cat leg plaster cast. The boiler and central heating system also fell into this category.

Apart from anything else, I wouldn’t actually know what to DO, in a first response sort of a way, if the boiler broke down – who do you even call? How much is the call out fee? How does ADULTING WORK??

*takes deep breaths*

Besides, I’m a very big fan of being warm – I definitely didn’t want my boiler out of action.

compare boiler cover

I can’t afford to have the heating out of action in my winter retreat. (Also IN MY DREAMS.)

Fortunately there are plenty of options when it comes to boiler cover, one of which is Hometree. Rated ‘excellent’ by Trustpilot, with over 500 reviews, Hometree offers three packages of boiler cover, with something to suit everyone, and the good news is that if you take out cover with them through my super special link, you get rewarded with a £40 Amazon voucher, to spend on anything you like. 

*coughs* Playgroups and Prosecco *coughs*

Hometree offers three different levels of cover. The most affordable option covers your boiler and controls and includes an annual boiler service. (Also a thing I’ve never had to consider.) The middle option adds in cover for your wider heating system and the most inclusive cover package includes boiler, heating, plumbing, drains AND home electrics, so a LOT of the things that you might need to call someone out for in an emergency.

hometree boiler cover

This kind of cover, for me, is worth the cost if it means I don’t have the unexpected expense of having to call someone out to check a dodgy thermostat or some faulty wiring. When you have kids, budgeting like this for home expenses makes even more sense – you need that security and predictability, because raising a family can so often feel like a hand to mouth existence, lurching from one pay day to the next.

So that’s the crack.

If you boiler cover could be for you, pop on over to see what Hometree has to offer, and if you decide to go with them, just use this link to get a FREE £40 Amazon voucher with your new policy.

I’m also interested to know – what types of insurance or home cover do you already have? Which have proven themselves so far to be the best investments?

Shop for boiler cover now.

Home boiler cover

Happy to take this one as a summer holiday home

*Not strictly house related, but I did tell Belle we couldn’t get pets until we owned our own house, so technically they are linked. I was paid a fixed fee for this advertorial. I don’t earn commission on new sign ups – all of the new sign up bonus goes to you. Photos by Emma Frances Logan, Annie Spratt  and by Tuce on Unsplash



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