4 Things to Consider When Buying a Suitcase for Your Next Trip to the Cabin 

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When planning your next trip to the cabin, your choice of suitcase matters. The cabin luggage  is not just for the items you will need while at the cabin, it will also determine your level of comfort while traveling to and from the cabin.

The duration you will be away

When buying a suitcase, specifically for your trip to the cabin, you need to consider the duration of stay. For example, a bag you will need for a three-day visit will be of a different size from one that will contain items you will need for a two-week vacation. You do not want to carry many small suitcases because you did not have a bag to hold most of your items. 

If you have plenty to carry, it may be best to split the weight between two suitcases instead of packing everything in a large bag.Besides the convenience that comes with moving with two moderately heavy suitcases, instead of one heavy one, your suitcase will be better protected from damage by splitting the weight. 

Airline restrictions

If you are taking a flight, you need to consider the baggage conditions of the airline you will be using. Some airlines restrict the ticket to one suitcase while others accept two bags. The weight of the suitcases is paramount. For example, if the airline allows 23kilo suitcases, buying a suitcase that is heavy before you start packing is counterproductive. There are plenty of bags with lightweight casing in the market. Otherwise, you may have to leave some of the items you need behind or pay for the additional weight. 

The durability of the material used

When buying a suitcase for your trip to the cabin, consider how often you will need to move the suitcase before you get to the cabin and when you leave. You do not want to end up with a torn bag because it was not hardy enough to withstand the handling during your trip. Purchasing a suitcase every time you are traveling is not economical. It would help if you got a bag that will serve you for a long time. 

The items you will be carrying

Are you buying a suitcase to carry your personal belongings, such as clothes and shoes? Do you have fragile items that could easily get damaged if the suitcase is mishandled? Are you worried about the rain damaging your stuff? Sometimes it is easy to overlook what you will be packing, but they influence the type of suitcase you will be carrying. Fragile items are best packed in hard-shell suitcases. Unfortunately, these suitcases scratch faster when compared to soft-shell bags. 

The cost of the suitcase is likely to influence the decision you make when looking for a suitcase for your trip to the cabin. However, it is important to consider more than the price when making your choice. Purchasing a suitcase that is entirely unsuitable may not be worth what you paid, especially if you end up not using it. 


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