Why hiring a divorce attorney is important if you don’t have kids

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For many people, the idea of hiring a divorce attorney is motivated by the need to safeguard one’s kids’ future. The struggle is usually about securing the children’s future through sufficient child support, or custody so as to protect their wellbeing. All these are noble motivations for hiring a divorce attorney, but what about situations where there are no kids involved? Is a divorce attorney still needed? Well, considering the complexity of divorce proceedings, chances are that you might still need an attorney, even if you don’t have kids. For context, here is why hiring a divorce attorney is important if you don’t have kids. 

  1. There is more to a divorce than kids 

In terms of potential losses from a divorce, there is more to it than kids. For instance, if your marriage does not have pre-nap, then it means your assets could be up for grabs. There are also other costs such as alimony that may set you back a fortune. To ensure that you minimize potential losses, engage the services of a good attorney. An experienced lawyer who has handled lots of divorce case, has the insight to approach your case in a way that minimizes on your potential losses. If you are looking for an experienced divorce attorney practicing in NJ to handle your case, then you could get in touch with Katherine Wagner. Ms. Wagner is highly experienced in different aspects of divorce cases, including alimony and equitable distribution of assets. She can give you a much higher chance of winning the case, as compared to self-representation.

  1.   They can handle the case objectively

Divorce, even without kids, is emotionally draining. You are splitting up with an individual that you have shared intimate moments with, and feelings of betrayal are common in such situations. On top of that, you could be looking at losing a portion of assets you have worked so hard to accumulate, and it’s depressing. These emotions can lead you to say things that may jeopardize your case before a judge. Remember the judge is not going through the same situation as you are, and can easily rule against you, due to your behavior. To ensure that you stay objective in the course of the case, it is best to hire a divorce lawyer. An attorney, just like the judge, is independent of your circumstances, and is well positioned to make rational arguments that can lead to a favorable judgment.

  1.   They present the right paperwork and in the right format

Like most legal cases, a divorce case has tons of paperwork. There are evidence documents that need to be produced and certified, forms filled, among others. All this is supposed to happen at a time when you are going through emotional turmoil. Availing this paperwork is also a costly process that may set you back lots of money, if you don’t know what you don’t know what you are doing. To avoid these issues, it would be prudent to hire a divorce lawyer. A divorce attorney knows what paperwork is needed in court, how best to get it, and how to present it in court. 


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