Staycation vs Vacation – 4 reasons to stay closer to home

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Here at Wido, we’ll take any chance possible to go outside, breathe in that fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether we’re taking our morning coffee into our garden to enjoy, or going for a hike with the family on a weekend. Any excuse to be outside, you’d better believe that we will look for it.

When it comes to taking some time off from our busy lives when we’re in need of a break, the first thing that often comes to mind is to book a trip or vacation away. The school holidays are fast approaching so it’s best to get something booked and booked quick, but where to go?

The options for holidays are endless. You could book a long weekend at Disneyland Paris so the kids can enjoy all things princess and pirate related. Or maybe a 7-day break on the Costa-del-Sol is more up your street? You’re thinking of leaving the kids at the Kids Club so you can relax with a book around the swimming pool.

But, have you ever thought of holidaying without going abroad? That’s a thing, you know! The idea of a ‘staycation’ is nothing new, it’s essentially hopping in the car and enjoying something a little bit closer to home for a few days. A mini-break without the hassle of flying or buying a whole new wardrobe for the weather we rarely see at home. You can get help finding a vacation rental so your stay will be as comfortable as home. Luckily, there are rentals everywhere you want to go you just have to plan ahead a little to get the right one.

Here is why the Wido-ers like a staycation:

1. MONEY – Those little pieces of paper that control everything. Having a staycation will often save you lots of your precious pennies as you won’t have to spend on flights, transfers, excursions and everything else that comes along with a package holiday. With the unpredictable stability of the Great British Pound and fallen strength to the likes of the Euro, you’re bound to spend less on a Staycation.

2. FAMILY – It’s possible for all of the family to come along. That’s right, even Winston the dog can hop into the car with you for this trip – not so easy to go camping with a puppy abroad! By choosing pet and child-friendly places to visit, you can really make this trip a family orientated one. There’s no reason why any man, or dog, should be left behind when you’re travelling an hour down the road! You can even take along a portable camp bed just for the dog!

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3. FUN – There is SO much fun to be had right on our doorstep. We certainly don’t have to fly thousands of miles to find it overseas. Packing up your car or caravan and heading down to your local (or not-so-local!) campsite can mean a whole host of activities. Whether it’s relaxing in a country pub, beer in hand or cooking up a storm on your portable BBQ surrounded by your whole family. If you’re more of an adrenaline junkie, why not try a new sport that a campsite has to offer? Maybe they offer paddleboarding or horseback riding. Perhaps you’re just happy playing good old fashioned Swingball!

4. PLANNING – It’s easier! Planning a week’s holiday to Portugal with a family of five can be stressful. You need to prepare lists upon lists of what to take with you and ensure that your chosen resort is child-friendly with lots of activities to keep the little ones occupied. All too often, it can only become more stressful once you’re there. Hang on, I thought this was supposed to be a break?! By being closer to home, it’s easier to handle the unexpected and well, you’re never too far from a supermarket if you need emergency nappies!

Staycations are definitely in. There is so much of our beautiful country to see and we’re excited to grab our sleeping bags and snooze below the stars. Are you new to camping life or in need of a kit refresh? We’ve got a whole load of Camping Gear to help you along the way.


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