How to Keep the Kids Entertained in the holidays


The Easter holidays are just around the corner, and that means you’ll be looking for ways to keep the kids entertained during the break. How do you keep them occupied without breaking the bank? Here are just a few ideas that will help them enjoy their time off without emptying your wallet.

Look for Free Events in Your Area

Every school has its holidays and there are cheap and free events happening in your local area where you can take your child. These range widely from children’s active events, such as football games or aerobics, to creative events where they can come to make something with friends. If you’re not sure what’s happening near you, try Googling for ‘free events in [your location]’. Event organisers often advertise on social media groups for their areas, so make sure you’re following the right channels to get all the information.

Create Your Own Easter Egg Hunt

As now is the time for Easter eggs, why not look into creating your own Easter egg hunt? You can do it cheaply and even bring in friends and family to make a day of it. The Works have lots of Easter basket ideas to get you started. You can fill up a basket full of goodies for your children to find, or even give them a kit to make their own basket before they go hunting. Hide eggs around your garden and set the kids off for hunting.

Try trampolining

If you’re not lucky enough to have a trampoline in your back garden, (or even if you are!), then an indoor trampoline park is great fun and one of those rare activities that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages and grown-ups too. A trampoline or inflatables park is a brilliant option for rainy days and a fantastic way to burn off lots of school holiday excess energy.

Go For a Picnic

This time of the year is when the weather starts to finally start getting warmer. If you’re looking for something to do with the kids, why not take them for a picnic? There’s so much free open space in the UK, there’s sure to be somewhere close by where you can go and eat some sandwiches. Take along a Frisbee or a ball for the kids to play with, or pick daisies to make daisy chains.

Play outdoors

If the weather is feeling kind then an outdoor adventure centre could be what you need. Look for one that has a range of activities, so that there will be something for everyone. Good old fashioned play parks always go down well, plus you may even get the opportunity to have a cheeky sit down and a cup of coffee while you watch the kids enjoying themselves.

Go For a Splash

Children love nothing better than splashing about in water, so why not indulge them? You don’t even have to take them to the local leisure centre to play in the pool, if the weather’s good. Fill up a paddling pool with the hose and throw in some water toys, and the kids will have a whale of a time. If the weather is rainy and wet, that’s not going to spoil your fun. Pull on your wellies and go jump in as many puddles as you can.

Check Out the Library

If you’ve never been in your local library, then now’s the time to check it out. There’s so much you can take advantage of during the school holidays. For example, there’s books, DVDs, and audio books that you can check out and use, all for free. There’s also organised readings of child friendly books, too.

These are just a few ideas that will keep the kids occupied during the Easter holidays. You don’t have to break the bank at all, so take advantage of the cheap and free options that are out there for you.


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