What’s better: Custom made shirts vs. tailored shirts?


If you’re thinking about having matching shirts made up for a group of people, such as team members for a restaurant or some other business, then you might be wondering what type of shirts you’ll need to be looking for. You might have heard the terms “custom shirts” and “tailored shirts,” but what is the difference between them? Granted, they are similar in nature, but there are some key differences between the two that can make deciding which one is better for your project a bit easier for you.


Perhaps the main difference between custom shirts and tailored ones is the way they are made. Custom shirts are simply shirts that are all made in the same manner with the same design. Tailored shirts, on the other hands, are shirts that you buy and then have tailored to fit the same. Tailored shirts are usually tailored towards each individual’s measurements to make them fit on the individual the way that they are supposed to. Tailored shirts can sometimes make for a more uniform look in the way that the shirts fit and the way the design is displayed. Custom-made shirts, on the other hand, are not necessarily tailored to fit each individual the same way. Rather, they are all designed exactly alike, and each individual wears them to create a sense of unity and to match.


Perhaps one of the most deciding factors in which type of shirt you’ll go with is the price. If you want to design your own custom t-shirts, this method can certainly tend to be less expensive than the tailored one. Custom shirts can be ordered online, and they are usually cheaper when you order them in bulk. Sometimes the more of a custom shirt you order, the cheaper each unit will be. Tailored shirts, on the other hand, usually cost more than custom shirts because each individual shirt must be tailored to specific measurements for each individual. This takes more time and care since a template must be changed for each shirt.

Which Type of Shirt Do I Need?

Determining whether you need custom-made shirts or tailored shirts consists of evaluating your needs as well as your budget. First, determine what your shirts are going to be used for. If they are going to be the shirts for a relatively casual fast food restaurant with laid-back vibe, then you can probably go with custom shirts. If they’re going to serve as matching shirts for a kid’s baseball team or other youth group, they can probably be custom-made. However, if the shirts are going to be matching ones for a legal team or four- or five-star restaurant, then you might want to consider going with tailored ones that will ensure they fit each individual the way you want them to and give you entire unit a polished look.

Making the decision between custom and tailored shirts is not always easy, but it doesn’t have to be overly difficult as well. Evaluate your needs and your budget to make the wisest choice.


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