Making Your Move: Avoiding the Common Stresses of Moving Home


Moving home gets a bad wrap. Sure, there are lots of considerations to make and the stakes can feel pretty high. But this just reinforces how much more manageable the process can be with the right planning and an understanding of what needs the most attention. This move, challenge yourself to look forward to your looming moving date, and find out how you can avoid those common stresses.

Enlist the experts

Like anything, you are going to get the best possible outcome if you have the right people working with you. Finding quality removalists will make the moving process a smoother ordeal, one that you may even enjoy. They execute your move with pace and precision, saving you the bulky boxes and having to hire a van yourself.

The benefits also extend far past the physical moving. Hiring a reputable removalists will have the right tools and equipment to transport your belongings safely to your next destination. In addition, you will be accountable to the time frames in which you agree upon with your removalists, which may keep things on track. Check out United Van Lines if you need a full-service solution and want to make a hassle-free move.

Break it into stages

Any task is daunting if you take it at face value. But bite size projects? They are far more management to complete, and come without the drama. You can approach this system by taking a room at a time or cornering off categories one by one. If you plan this process well, you can identify which rooms or categories can be packed down well ahead of time to avoid that chaotic rush. Get that spare bedroom packed away one week, and approach your laundry the next. It will also provide order to your move, allowing your removalists to be even more effective with your belongings which are catalogued and labeled appropriately.

Overlap your contract

There is a lot to be said about getting the keys to your new home early. Sure, this may result in paying for another weeks rent – but the hassle and stress you will save are priceless. By overlapping your rental contracts, you’re giving yourself a cushion period to pack down your home leisurely and move in to the next location.

If you’re not in a position to take time off work, this will give you the chance to stagger your move across a weekend and midweek evenings. This is a particularly attractive arrangement if you are moving with children or a number of roommates. It also affords you the choice of when you get your professional bond clean completed, and any other contractual obligations you need squared away.

Use the right tools and equipment

It’s astounding how many people still use old boxes, rags and containers to move their sacred belongings. Just because something can hold items does not mean it should be trusted with the most personal and precious belongings you own. Take the time to collect and deploy quality tools and equipment that are hardy enough to hold large weights and remain erect in your removalists van. If you’re not sure where to find industry standard moving equipment like dollys and moving blankets, ask your removalists and chances are they provide these items for purchase or hire.


Moving doesn’t have to be a stressful scenario, but you will have to put some planning in place to avoid those common stresses that come with the end of your lease. Sidestep the pitfalls and call a quality removalist to give you peace of mind, and ensure your belongings arrive in one piece as they should. Time and investment mean nothing when it comes to your possessions and state of mind.



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