Accessible London attractions that older tourists will enjoy


Despite the youth-centric hustle and bustle of London, it can still be a great place for the elderly to visit. While you may not think of London as the most relaxing get away destination for older people to enjoy, you would be surprised at just how many tourist attractions are not only interesting for older generations but are also easily accessible by even those who find it hardest to get around.

If you’re visiting London with elderly relatives or you live there and would like to find some great attractions for when they come to visit, we’ve researched some accessible royal attractions in London for you. You might not think of places like Buckingham Palace as being wheelchair or disability friendly, but in fact you’d be surprised at how many places of interest are more than easy to get around whilst taking in the culture and grandeur of it all.

Buckingham Palace

Probably one of the most visited tourist attractions in London, you may be put off by thinking it’s going to be busy and crowded. However, did you know that the State Rooms, which are open for ten weeks in the summer to the public, are actually access friendly? Step free access needs to be pre-booked, so make sure you plan ahead, but apart from that you’ll be free to explore the wonders of the Queen’s royal residence and all of the spectacle it has to offer. It really is a must see if you’re visiting the capital and especially one to do if you visit London often and haven’t had the chance yet.

buckingham palace accessibility

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace is now the official residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but it originally opened its doors in 1605 and was the home of Queen Victoria during her childhood. There’s only a week left to see the exhibition dedicated to Princess Diana, but if you’re planning on visiting later in the year there are still plenty of things to see and do. Luckily for elderly visitors, the whole palace is wheelchair friendly with ramps already provided to make it easier to get around.

Kew Palace

You may be familiar with the beautiful Kew Botanical Gardens, but have you ever stepped inside Kew Palace itself? This strikingly beautiful building is no longer in use to the royal family, but is still a great place to visit. You can even interact with the staff there dressed in Georgian clothing to get a real sense of the history of the place. Even better, the palace and gardens are accessible to all, with staff trained in disability awareness. There are even concession tickets available at discounted prices for visitors with limited mobility.

kew gardens accessibility


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