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Hey, it’s Bee again. Maybe I’ve mentioned it once or twice on the internet, but I’m having a baby in July.

Lately I’ve been feeling really envious over people’s nurseries. I try not to look at sites like Pinterest because they’re totally unachievable goals as far as I’m concerned and I don’t know how to upcycle anything from Ikea into something else so what’s the point really?

nursery decor ideas

I’ve been looking at the nurseries of people I know though and thinking a) how cute they are and b) how expensive it must be to kit one out. I know that it doesn’t HAVE to be and you can get loads of stuff as hand-me-downs or in charity shops but they always look so nice that I can’t believe it didn’t cost them a fortune. What’s worse is that I can’t even start now because I don’t have a second bedroom. I’m waiting to be able to move house so I can get a place with two bedrooms, so I can’t even plan it out in my head because I have no idea what the room will be like.

Anyway, once I am able to start collecting things I’m going to have to think about what kind of stuff I want. I am finding out the sex of my baby if possible, but I don’t want this to impact too much on how I decorate the room. I really love neutral colours on babies as I think they’re the cutest – things like white and grey are my favourites and I’d like to incorporate lots of these into a minimalist yet cosy kind of design.

nursery decor ideas

I was having a look at some of the things that make nurseries extra special and cosy online. I would like to have some things that are personal to the baby, like pictures of us in a family and some nice soothing artwork on the walls as well as some personalised stuff when I finally think of a name (how the hell are you supposed to pick ONE name for your kid to have FOREVER?)

I was looking on the LionsHome website and came across some really cute things in the baby accessories section. I especially love looking at GroBags – there are so many cute designs and they have so many to choose from on the website. I think cute sleepy babies in a bag are the best thing in the world, plus it keeps them so nice and cosy. Also from looking at the website I’ve decided that I probably want to get a white cot – it’s gender neutral and it’s so easy to match everything to it. White cots also never go out of style so if I ever had another baby (gah wait what?!) I could use it again!

What nursery essentials did you buy? Do you have any good recommendations?


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