What to Remember When Planning the Ultimate Party


If you, or someone dear to you, are among the nearly 20% of adults in the UK that have never had a birthday party, this year is a good time to change it. While planning a birthday party for yourself may seem like a lot of work, it can also be extremely gratifying, especially when everything comes together on the day of the party. Even if you aren’t a seasoned party planner, you will be able to organise the ultimate party by simply putting your mind to it and following a few simple guidelines. 

Choose an awesome theme

If you want your party to be truly memorable, make sure to pick out a snazzy theme that will impress your guests. The theme you choose can be as casual or extravagant as you wish and will contribute largely to the overall ambiance of your celebration. For a daytime spring or summer party, choose a theme that allows you to spend time outdoors. Popular themes for outdoor parties include Alice in Wonderland, an English High Tea, and A Day at the Spa. If you prefer to have the gathering at night, you can blow your guests away with a more sizzling theme. Casino parties are always popular, and you can easily transform your venue into a scene right out of Casino Royale with roulette and poker tables, playing card cut-outs, and freshly-poured martinis. Other popular themes to consider include The Roaring ’20s, Tributes to Hollywood, and an Eighties Disco, complete with neon lights and groovy music. 

To make the theme really pop, you can incorporate a range of decorations and accessories. For example, you could use themed backdrops and props to create an immersive environment. You could also use custom lighting and inflatable decorations to set the mood and create a memorable atmosphere.

Made-to-order inflatables add a playful and interactive touch to your decor by using a blow-up art deco-style bar or giant champagne bottle for a Roaring ’20s party or by designing inflatable chairs in the shape of large inflatable disco balls. For a Hollywood-themed event, you could set up a red carpet with inflatable Oscar statues. Whatever theme you choose, the key to a successful party is in the details. By incorporating creative and eye-catching decorations and accessories, you can create a memorable experience for your guests that they’ll be talking about for years to come. So, let your imagination run wild and have fun with it!

Pick a suitable venue

Choosing the right venue for your party is of the utmost importance. Once you know roughly how many guests you will be inviting and what your party theme will be, you can decide on a suitable venue. If you are fortunate enough to live in a large house, you can save yourself the hassle of finding a venue and just have the party at home. This will, however, require you to do a lot of the prep and cleaning yourself. If the thought of slaving away to clean your house after a party does not appeal to you, you can either enlist the help of a clean-up crew or host the party at an external venue that provide a cleaning service as part of their package. Make sure that the venue you choose has all the amenities you require, and aim to have it as centrally-located as possible to ensure that as many of your guests as possible can attend.

Don’t forget about refreshments

What would a party be without food and drinks? If you are having a themed party, your menu can be structured around this theme. Decide whether you want to serve a sit-down dinner, buffet, or finger foods and also whether you will be preparing the food yourself or have a professional catering company take care of it. A cash bar generally works well at most parties, as it takes some pressure off the host to provide large amounts of drinks free of charge. If you do want to serve drinks to your guests, be sure to include a variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Remember to also have some bottled water available for anyone wanting to quench their first the natural way.

Everyone should let their hair down and party every once in a while, especially on a special occasion like a birthday. By following these guidelines and generally just having fun with the planning, you are bound to pull off a party that will be remembered by all the guests for many years to come.


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