Smising, Setup and Style – The Essentials of a DIY Fashion Event


You don’t have to be a world renowned fashion designer or company to pull of a show stopping fashion event. In fact, some of the best fashion events that we have had the pleasure of attending have been ones that were a complete DIY project in itself. If you’re an upcoming fashion designer, label or clothing company, this is the article for you. Looking to absolutely wow your guests? Read on to find out more about the essentials of a successful DIY fashion event that everyone will be talking about for months to come.

Keep Everyone Engaged

Now, fashion events are generally engaging to begin with, with guests being entertained by models on the runway, the music, and all the sights and sounds that are associated with any top end fashion show. However, a key thing to focus on is keeping guests engaged even during lapses in time when everyone is waiting for the next set of models to strut down the runway. You can do this by renting a photobooth in Sydney, hiring a DJ to spin some funky tunes whilst people wait, or even by hosting some interactive games and competitions for guests to engage in, and maybe even win a prize or two in the process! They key to a successful DIY fashion event is ensuring that everyone is kept entertained throughout the entire duration, so don’t forget to fill your event with as many fun things as possible to keep everyone on their toes all night long!

Be Diverse With Your Selection of Models

When hosting any event, fashion related or not, it is of utmost importance that you ensure everyone feels comfortable, and like they fit in. This is why hiring models of all different shapes, sizes, skin tones and ethnicities is something we always recommend. Don’t be afraid to hire models who may fall out of the sphere of “normal”, as guests will truly appreciate diversity and the celebration of how we are all different but can come together as one in the name of fashion! You guests will be a lot more captivated if they can relate to the models, and imagine themselves in the clothes that they are wearing instead of feeling like they’re watching something unattainable strut down the runway.

Choose An Ideal Venue

Even the best event can be ruined by a less than ideal venue, so ensure that you select a venue that suits your needs perfectly for the night. The ideal venue should be able to accommodate your entire guest list and more, be accessible to people who both drive or take public transportation, and have enough space for you to set up a runway without encountering any issues. Don’t fear getting creative, and consider options such as community centers, parks or even theatres. These locations will be sizable enough to fit all your guests in without being too claustrophobic, and can be rather avant-garde in itself, which is always a talking point for any successful fashion event.

Make Your Guests Feel Like Stars

Fashion is glamorous, and this is exactly why you should strive to make your guests feel like stars. Heading to a fashion event is fancy in itself, but imagine how your guests will feel when they are greeted with a cocktail, some finger food and a goodie bag filled with product samples. You can even place name cards on chairs, as a personal touch that also serves as an easy way to ensure things run smoothly because everyone knows where they are going to be seated. You could even go all out and organise a meet and greet session with fashion designers at the end of the event, adding an added touch of glamour to your event and bringing it to the next level for your guests. Everyone loves a little glitz and glamour, so making your guests feel like starts is a fantastic fastway track to a successful fashion event.

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse!

Last but not least, one of the key components to any event is the rehearsal. Rehearsing your event a few times before the actual day is a great way to get everyone involved into the swing of things, as well as a good way to make yourself aware of what may need to be tweaked. You’ll only be able to notice what works and what doesn’t during the rehearsals, so it is of utmost importance that you do not skip this step. Always ensure that you have a contingency plan as well, in case things don’t go exactly as planned on the night itself. Failure to plan is planning to fail, and failing is something we’re not allowing at our DIY fashion event!


We hope that this article has given you all the tips you need to host your very own DIY fashion event that everyone will be chatting about for weeks to come!



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