Those Teething Questions – What You’ll Need as a New Parent


New parents go through one huge transition. Shedding their old lives, they step into a new reality containing different challenges and more than a few sleepless nights. But at the same time? It’s when life really begins, and the family unit starts to prosper together. Securing the right items and tools will soften the teething process, and help you smoothly transition into a sustainable rhythm. Here is our round-up of things you will need as new parents.

4 Wheel Pram

Over the next few years, your reliable 4 wheel prams will be the third parent. Not only does it get you from A to B in style, but it has a reputation for rocking the little ones asleep. Your baby will spend a lot of time in the 4 wheel pram, particularly in the first few months when you are doing the rounds introducing the little one to all those special people. It also provides an escape (for lack of a better world) for parents who spend a huge part of the day at home with the baby. Get that fresh air and a new perspective each day to give you fuel for the rest of the morning and afternoon. Building a morning walk into your schedule will be a god send, and it does it’s part to educate your little one on routine so they can start eating and sleeping more consistently.

Nursing Pillows

A nursing pillow is an incredibly useful item for new parents, and your bundle of joy. As breastfeeding and nursing is a new practice for both baby and mum, it makes the new process comfortable for both and makes latching much easier. Some mothers will tell you that the latching process takes weeks or months to perfect, so the nursing pillow won’t be too far from away at all times. Nursing pillows come in all shapes and sizes, so they’re perfect for one baby or twins and can be added to and upgraded as the little ones grow. You can even set yourself up to have one for home, one for the car, and one to keep at the grandparents place.

Breast Pump

Breast is best as they say, but it’s not always possible to feed your baby directly. Whether mother and baby are temporarily separated, or there are latching problems late at night, you want to have a supply of milk expressed and ready to go. Your breast pump should be used during down times to build up a supply of nutritious milk, that can be stored at home or taken on the road. There are different pumps available on the market, some more quality and compact than others. Every mother needs a pump but to varying levels, so make sure you pick a style that fits in with your lifestyle.

Baby Bag

It’s incredible to think someone so small can need so many accessories and items – and you are only going to the park! The right baby bag will make you feel as if you are kicking goals as a parent, with everything thought of and packed to perfection. Quality baby bags are available in totes and backpacks – allowing mama to be hands free for nursing and pushing the pram. The right baby bag will get new parents through their second and third child, so take your time in finding one that is comfortable and practical.

What you will need as a new parent is more hours in the day. But until that becomes available, find these items first to make sure the transition into parenthood is a smooth one. Whether these items are for you, or you are finding them as a gift – remember that quality products will go a long way in making those first few months a lot easier.



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