5 Tips for traveling safely with your kids


The 2016 account of Lane Graves, a two-year-old seized by a gator from a lagoon neighboring the Grand Floridian Hotel is tragic. A parent lost a child and no amount of ‘should or could have’ will change this fact.

Such occurrences spark public outcry and create divisions more so on social media.

A similar incident occurred at the Cincinnati Zoo where Harambe – a gorilla mauled a young boy after he fell into its enclosure. The Zoo came under scrutiny while the boy’s mother was taken sued but later absolved. Unfortunately, Harambe was killed for acting on his animal instincts. Fortunately, the boy survived.

Risk is part of life, at home or outdoors. However, in the aftermath of such vacation horror stories, we saw the need to share a few tips on keeping your kids safe while traveling.

1. Take it easy on flights

Flying takes a toll on our bodies – even grownups battle cramped conditions dilapidating boredom. Treat trips as a special time – notably long-haul flights – and letting up parenting control is one way to keep everyone sane, including fellow passengers. Your usual routine is left at home, why fight it?

A horde of kid-friendly games and movies on personal screens help a great deal. Airport playgrounds afford the opportunity to burn built-up energy. Pack a bag of special treats, since airlines got stingy with them – dished out over time helps a lot. You may resume your healthy eating routine once back on the ground.

2. Update your medical kit

Pre-kids, your medical bag may have been sufficient but needs a shake-up. You can’t afford to miss your child’s medication on foreign land, and they run a fever at night.

Similar to an adult travel medical kit, your child’s version must contain things your kid might require if sickness strikes while on a trip. Among the items to carry include;

  •         Cold and cough medicine
  •         Antihistamine for possible allergic reactions
  •         A sufficient supply of medication your kid takes regularly
  •         Fever fighting or pain relief medication like acetaminophen and ibuprofen
  •         Medical equipment used periodically like an inhaler for an asthmatic child

Supposing your kid requires specific drug or medical equipment, get to understand how to pass them through security. A physician’s note is necessary for injection needles.

3. Know your child

No trip, as short as it may be, will succeed if you fail to understand your child’s particulars. Travel stretches comfort zones and if your kid operates on a strict bedtime to avert meltdowns, do whatever necessary to get the child get sufficient sleep.

4. Take it easy on your itinerary

Traveling sans kids might have had you wake up early, eat fast and visit numerous sites in a day. Such a packed schedule may prove disastrous while going with kids.

Kids take a little bit of time to acclimatize to new environs, mostly owing to inexperience. A packed schedule will leave all feeling tired and cranky to have a great time.

5. Travel insurance

It’s good to know your child can access medical attention if they break a leg in Mongolia. Your insurance must cater for evacuation to a major city.  



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