4 Christmas presents you can get last minute for people you don’t know well


Christmas is such a massive experience these days that it can be hard to know exactly who to get a present for. Your close friends and family always get a look in, but what about that unexpected guest who pops round with a gift? Or that person in your office who you didn’t realise thought you were close enough for present giving with? It can be really stressful getting all of the gifts organised, and it can be awkward and embarrassing when someone hands you a thoughtful gift and you haven’t got one for them in return. Here are some ideas of what you can get for people just in case.

A nice box of chocolates

It’s always a good idea to get in a few nice boxes of chocolates for people who gift to you unexpectedly. Supermarkets usually have deals on festive chocolates at the moment, meaning you can still get a big, good quality box for under £10. A box of chocolates is so easy to wrap that even if someone pops round with a gift last minute you can excuse yourself for a minute while you wrap up a quick box, making it look like you put a lot of thought into it. Most people love an excuse to eat some fancy chocolates, so everyone’s a winner.


Flowers always really say you care, and with so many flower services online these days to order from, you don’t even have to pick out a bunch from the supermarket. Keep some fresh flowers ready to go in a vase at home in case you need a go to gift in a hurry. If no one claims them then you’ve got your own bouquet of beautiful flowers to look at!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Gift cards

Gift cards may not seem like you’ve put a lot of thought in, but they are actually really useful and usually really appreciated. These types of gifts are perfect for secret Santa when you’ve got someone you don’t know well, or teenage kids of friends who are difficult to buy for. Try a One4All card that you can spend in loads of shops, or something universal like a cinema or restaurant gift card so someone can have a nice evening out on you.

Something homemade

If you’re a bit strapped for cash but still want to make the effort, something homemade usually really shows you care and people will love that you’ve put the thought into making their gift. Spend the day making Christmas decorations, cookies, candy canes or anything that takes your fancy. Even if you’re stuck for ideas, there is loads of inspiration on websites like Pinterest that will help you find something easy to make that still looks really special.


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