9 Fun Things Every Mom Should Do At Least Once In Their Life


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Since the kids came into your life, you probably have less time for yourself. I’m guessing that’s pasta sauce making a huge stain on your shirt right now. But it’s nothing compared to the joy you feel, you say. It can be fun and fulfilling to raise a family. No one’s arguing with you on that one.

But let’s be honest here for a moment, you need to make room for some me time. You don’t want to turn into momzilla because of all the pent-up stress eating away at you. Giving yourself the space to grow is important. This reinvigorates your spirit and gusto for life. All that great energy will flow from you to your family. Trust me.

Bring out that personality and let it shine. Here are things that will inspire you to never stop discovering yourself and your thirst for adventure!

Learn something new

Find a new hobby or maybe pick up the one you never got around to finishing. Learning new things will develop skills you never thought you had or could do.

Travel solo

It’s not just a fad. Travelling alone can test you and allow you to get to know yourself again. Create memories. It doesn’t have to be overseas. A road trip is a great solo trip idea.

Watch movies solo

Grab your purse, drive down to the nearest movie theater and enjoy a good film — Mom only. It may feel weird at first not having the kids around but you’ll realize it’s a nice low-key activity to do on your own once in a while. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the movie age restrictions. Wink wink.

Visit museums

Walking around a room full of history can be life-changing. And museums offer that. Knowing and remembering the past makes you appreciate your life and others even more. It’s a humbling and amazing experience. Look up free museums in your area. You could even bring the kids next time if you like the experience.

Treat yourself to a fancy dinner

Have you been eyeing that one restaurant where you read online that they serve the best steak? And a rich red wine to wash it down with? Well, book that dinner now and enjoy the whole experience. It feels good to be fancy sometimes.

Have your fortune told

Aren’t we all curious about what’s ahead of us? The uncertain can cause us anxiety. We every so often want to know what we cannot see so we can better prepare for it or have some peace of mind. A seasoned fortune teller can provide advice and structured reading on what the future holds. It can be exciting to have a glimpse. Here’s a guide to finding a fortune teller.

Immerse in nature

Take a hike. Climb a mountain. Enjoy the sound of the river. There’s something about nature that clears the mind and brings focus.

Create art

Bake. Paint. Crochet. Heck, write a song! Anything that you lovingly create will produce a sense of pride and satisfaction.

Do random act of kindness

Help out a stranger. Lend a hand. Volunteer. Sharing your blessings with those in need without asking for anything in return will create a ripple effect. Amelia Earhart said that a single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees. 

So take the time. Make time. Your family deserves a happy and fulfilled mom to look up to.


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