The Bed Frame V The Divan Bed: Which One is Best for You?


With so many bed options available, both in store and online, buying a new one may seem overwhelming, especially if you haven’t done it in many years.

A big question to ask yourself is, what is best for you and for your bedroom; a divan bed, or a classic, double bed frame?

bed frame or divan bed

This blog posts discusses both the benefits and the downfalls of both options:

Divan Bed: The Pros

  • If you are buying a new bed for a smaller bedroom, then a divan would be great, as they are usually filled with storage underneath and take up less space, as they are only as wide as the mattress measurements it is made to hold.
  • If comfort is your top priority, then the divan bed also has a padded top, sometimes known as a platform top, and has a firmer feel.
  • Divan beds also allow you to be completely customisable. You can choose the shape and colour of your own headboard, as well as add a few of your own accessories.

Divan Bed: The Cons

  • They can be more expensive than your standard bed frame, as they are considered ‘multi-purpose’ thanks to their impressive storage. If storage is the main feature that you’re looking for, then it might be worth checking out ottoman beds before coming to a decision.
  • Once your divan base is down, it might be difficult to move it. Divan beds can be heavy, and the draws can sometimes be a little awkward.
  • The draws that are underneath can sometimes hold less than a normal bed frame’s under bed storage. We would always recommend checking dimensions.

Classic Bed Frame: The Pros

  • There is a lot more choice when it comes to choosing a normal bed frame, and most of them are extremely aesthetically pleasing.
  • Since these come with their own headboards and footboards, you don’t need to purchase accessories on top of the bed itself.
  • The beds are often made using a lot of natural products, therefore the cost is usually reasonably low in comparison to divan beds.

Classic Bed Frames: The Cons

  • The beds can be slightly larger than the divan bed, which is great if you have a large bedroom and need to fill an open space, but not so great if you need a new bed for one of your smaller bedrooms.
  • After a few years of usage, many parts of the bed may need to be tightened – so, you may need to bring out your DIY side. Slats tend to come loose on occasion, but that can be easy to fix, especially with the right tools.

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