Turn Your Shed into a Niche Nursery

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If you have children and are looking for an innovative way to create a fun free-play and educational space for them but don’t have a lot of room inside then you might want to consider turning that run-down shed in the garden into a perfect place for the kids.

No matter your budget or size of the shed, creating a nursery space can be easy to achieve and this handy guide is going to provide you with all of the information needed to get started.

  1. What have you got to work with?

First things first, you need to establish what kind of space you have available. If you have more than one child who will be using the area then it’s a good idea to start off planning how you see them using the space and what kind of furniture you want to put in there. Is it going to be for drawing, so will there need to be a table? Might they want to have a snug space in the corner to read? If so you might want to consider making room for bean bags and cushions. Pick one of these garden shed plans to get you started or give yourself some inspiration.

Once you have a general idea of how you want to see the space then it’s time to head out and actually get into the shed itself. Most sheds are packed full of unused and unwanted junk and are typically used for garden storage so now is a great time to have that clear out you have been planning for months.

The great thing about clearing out is that you don’t just get to create more space for yourself, you can help others by donating your items, whether they are gardening equipment or even that bike you never got round to using. There are numerous local community garden projects that will take tools and garden appliances off your hands. If the items are in a really good condition, then you could always sell them online and use the funds on your nursery project. However you choose to do it, the goal is to completely empty the space so you can now access it for damage.

  1. Is the Space Functional?

The majority of sheds are mid-size and if they have not been properly maintained then you can experience rotting and damp to the structure. Whilst this is not ideal this can be fixed if it is not too severe. This project is best tackled during the summer months so that any repair work and coating that needs to be done had sufficient time to dry.

Make sure that the shed is elevated to keep the floor moisture free and with proper ground clearance, even in wet weather then you can be sure that damp won’t soak in this way.

A sealant is an investment you will want to make if there are any cracks or small holes in the walls, this is essential as it will prevent the wind from blowing through and again prevent moisture soaking through. The sealant can be painted over to make it look more attractive so you don’t need to worry about how it looks at this stage. The exterior can be initially coated in a permeant timber treatment which will penetrate the wood and keep it dry. You can use glass or polycarbonate sheets for these shed windows, either is appropriate.

Re-felting your shed is a job that requires a little bit of precision so it may be a good idea to hire a handy-person to come and help with this. Also if the shed doesn’t already have a window then now is the time to get one fitted in, this is really quite cheap and easy to install and will have big benefits as it will let in more natural light.

Sometimes disused shed can be completely unsalvageable and this is the time to invest in affordable shed storage from BuyShedsDirect, This is a site that offers an extensive range of options that will help you crack on with your nursery project (they also have a summer sale on at the moment!)

  1. Ingenious Interiors

Once you have secured your shed and made sure that it will stand the test of time. You are ready to start planning how you are going to decorate it – which is the part you have been waiting for!

There are so many themes you can choose and just to give you some inspiration there are some listed below:

  • Gender Neutral – By injecting a pop of colour like such as yellow you can keep the rest of the interior simple with whites and creams and keep the overall look edgy – definitely not boring!
  • Luscious and Tropical – Take inspiration from the beautiful summer weather and design a space that invokes a calm and relaxing feeling. Use vibrant greens and cool blues on the walls and why hang plant baskets from the ceiling adding to the lush green theme and a hammock for the perfect place to chill out while they read?
  • Native American – Get creative with tepees and animal print throws and rugs inspire by this fascinating culture. If Navajo niche is the look you are trying to emulate then make your own dreamcatchers and totem pole to add to the look.
  • Accent Wall – By keeping colours simple and decorating just one of the walls you can make a bold statement. Why not follow the hipster trend and design a mountain range mural on the main wall. Using deep greys and blues you can recreate a panoramic view and make the space feel bigger than it is.

Once you have put the finishing touches to your new nursery it’s time to see what the kids think. Not only does it mean that they will be spending more time outdoors but it gives them a dedicated space that they can use to follow their own play pursuits, meaning less mess in the house.

This project is really simple to achieve and can be completed within a week provided the weather is good so why not give it a go yourself and revamp your tired shed into the perfect place for your kids this summer.


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