The Do’s and Don’ts When Wine Tasting


No matter whether you are wine newbie or experienced on the art of wine tasting, wine tasting events can be lots of fun and are a great way to try and narrow down what wines you like and which ones you don’t without having to invest in a full bottle. For some, not knowing the proper wine tasting etiquette can dissuade you from going, so we’ve come up with the do’s and don’ts that you should follow when wine tasting.

Take Notes

When you are going to a wine tasting event, remember to take a pen and paper with you, or if you forget, you can always use your phone. Taking notes is a great way to remember what fine wine you love the most and which ones you were not so keen on. After you have tasted a few different wines, it can be difficult to remember which one is which. There is no need to write down lots of information, simply give the fine wine that you are tasting a score out of ten. Base your score on its smell, taste and appearance.

Try Something New

Wine tasting events give you the perfect opportunity to try out some fabulous new wines. We are all guilty of sticking to what we already know and like but if you are in another country then you can try out a variety of wines from different regions and who knows, you may find that you have a new favourite wine from a different country! Even if you think certain wines are not ones that you will like, give them a try as you could love them.

Ask Questions

When you are buying fine wine, it is important that you ask lots of questions before making a final purchase. Ask about its background and how it will be stored as you may need to store it in a wine cellar such as those provided by Octavian Vaults who store wine from merchants in 39 different countries. The host will know everything that there is to know about these wines, so make sure you take advantage of their knowledge whilst you are there!

Eat Something Before Hand

One of the big don’ts that you try to avoid when you are going to wine tasting events is to arrive on an empty stomach. Try and eat something before your wine tasting as it can quickly add up and you can end up drinking a lot more than you had originally intended.

Give Your Opinion

Many people tend to think that when they are wine tasting they will need to be positive in their feedback, however, you don’t have to hold back and you are perfectly entitled to give your opinion. Discuss what you think about the wine with others and when you are asked what your favourites wines are, be honest in your answer as this will help the match your taste with other similar wines.


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