How the Rosa Cage Pendant Light has made my bedroom complete

It’s about eight months already since I bought my first house and moved in.


No, me neither.

(What do you mean you don’t really care? Rude.)

I’ve worked (a bit) hard to get things how I like them and I’m especially happy with my bedroom. After getting the wardrobe of dreams, it meant I basically didn’t have to have any other furniture, so I have a very uncluttered, relaxed vibe going on. I wrote a whole post about it here a while back, so go and have a nose at that if you’re interested. (It includes some VERY cute pictures of Camille when she was a small kitten and had tiny, short legs.)

One thing I’ve always found slightly weird about my bedroom though is the ceiling light. You know how in most rooms the ceiling light is positioned in the centre of the room? Well, my bedroom light is most definitely not. It’s central to the WIDTH of the room, but it’s way over on one side, right next to the window. Very odd.

I was also not a fan of the shade, which I bought when I first moved in on a bit of a whim.

When Urban Cottage Industries offered me one of their Rosa Cage Pendant Lights to review then… WELL. It was like it was MADE for me, for two reasons.

Firstly, this is the shade. Or the cage as I should probably call it.

Rosa Cage Pendant Light

I know right? Pretty damn cool. Like me, obvs.)

I’m a big fan of the vintage bulb trend, but they can feel a bit industrial. Being able to see the bulb at the same time as having it softened by the pink feels like the perfect balance for me.

They come in a range of colours, and each one has a matching ceiling fitting and a complimentary cord colour. Mine is the coral and burgundy, but I also really liked the mustard cage and elephant grey cord combination as it’s a really gorgeous shade of yellow. It had to be pink tones for me though, as I sprayed my bed frame pink after we moved in JUST BECAUSE I’M SASSY LIKE THAT.

Rosa Cage Pendant Light

Not only is it beautiful though… Each Rosa Cage Pendant Light comes with either a one or two metre length of cord, meaning you can be a bit creative with how you hang it. I went for two metres and fixed a hook centrally above my bed. I tied a small knot in the cord and swagged it over from the off-centre ceiling fitting to right over my bed, perfectly lighting my bedtime murder mystery reading.

Rosa Cage Pendant Light

You get an idea in this picture how stupidly off centre the original light fitting is, but it doesn’t matter now because I have two metres of burgundy cord. Boom.

(In case you are wondering, the black and white photo over my bed is of the old cellophane factory in Bridgwater. I grew up in Bridgwater and lived with the rotten egg smell from the cellophane factory for a big chunk of my life. Some time after it closed down, this photographer went in and took some pictures – this is one of the offices overgrown with ferns. I love nature reclaiming stuff.)

I had been a little bit worried that the cage would mean that the light was a little harsh to hang right over a bed, but the vintage bulb produces a very warm, yellowy light, so it’s actually very cosy.

Rosa Cage Pendant Light

Urban Cottage Industries do everything lighting, from the individual bulbs, coloured cables and shades to complete lights like this one, so they’re are definitely worth a look if you want to jazz up your lighting.

I feel like the Rosa Cage Pendant Light has been the finishing touch in my bedroom. We don’t have a very big house, but my bedroom is somewhere that’s just mine, where I can go and relax and be by myself.

Okay, so perhaps not totally by myself…

I was sent the Rosa Cage Pendant Light for the purposes of this review. All opinions my own and all that.



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  1. 27 March, 2018 / 8:49 am

    That’s gorgeous Jo! I love your whole bedroom…and the cats too! xxx

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