One4All gift card – the gift card for people who are difficult to buy presents for

We’ve got a family WhatsApp group for adults only this year. (Nothing saucy.) Mainly it’s my mum and my sister saying things like ‘What can I get for Bee??’ or ‘I still need something for Belle, what does she even like??’

It’s funny because I actually find them both really easy to buy for, to the point where I’ve bought them things before they even know they want them. Belle and I went in Poundland yesterday for example, and I asked her to let me know if there were any little things she’d like in her Christmas stocking. She came back with a packet of Reese’s Pieces.

‘Not those,’ I said.

‘What??’ she huffed. ‘Why can’t I have those?’ (She’s a bit slow sometimes.)

‘Just not those,’ I said.

“But I really like them!’ she said.

‘I KNOW!’ I said, staring hard at her.


She went off again and came back with some sour strawberry lace things.

‘Not those,’ I said.

And so it continued.

I do appreciate though that not everyone finds people as easy to buy gifts for. Even if you admit defeat and decide on gift vouchers, you’ve then got the dilemma of ‘what shop??’ It’s a minefield. You don’t want to be THAT PERSON who gets someone vouchers for a shop they never go in, meaning they have them sat in their purse for two years, taunting them until they expire.

So what to do?

You need a One4All gift card.

One4All gift card

The genius of a One4All gift card is that there are over ONE HUNDRED places where you can spend it, including high street shops like Carphone Warehouse, New Look, Debenhams, Claire’s, H&M and Clarks; restaurants like Browns, Pizza Express and Ask Italian, and online retailers like Laithwaites and Virgin Experience Days.

Seriously, if there isn’t somewhere on the list for whoever you’re buying for then I don’t know what to say – they must be an actual hermit or something. (Check out the full list of retailers here.)

One4All retailers

How do I buy a One4All gift card?

It’s dead easy to buy a One4All gift card. You can either do it online, or pop into any branch of the Post Office. If you do it online it costs 99p for postage and packaging, but there is no cost in a Post Office branch. You can add any amount (in whole pounds) between £10 and £400, and there is no expiry date so no need to worry about it going forgotten about in the back of a purse.*

There are loads of designs to choose from or, even better, if you buy online there’s the option to personalise the card with your own photo. I actually had a One4All gift card a few years ago that I personalised with a picture of Belle as a baby eating a really big sandwich.

It was one of my best things for a long time.

personalised One4All gift card

How do you spend a One4All gift card?

This bit is easy. Just visit one of the participating retailers, in store or online, and use your card either as a part payment or for the full balance. You don’t have to spend it all in the same place or in one go and you can check your balance online at any time. (The shops can’t tell you this bit and need to know that you have enough on the card before they process the transaction, so it’s a good idea to keep track yourself.)

To show just how versatile the One4All gift card is and how many different shops you can use it in, I’m going to be treating myself to a bit of a ‘One4All gift card day’ soon. (Because Christmas is VERY stressful for mums you know.) Check back in the next week or so and see how I got on.

In the meantime, if you’re struggling with gifts for those awkward to buy for people, then a One4All gift card is definitely the way to go.

Buy your One4All gift card online now.

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*All physical cards have a limited time span and will need to be replaced to use the remaining funds on the card after this date. This date is printed as a “Valid Thru” date on the front of the gift cards. Remember that any funds remaining on the card after this date remain available for you to spend, however you will need to apply for a replacement card to do so.



  1. June Lord
    11 December, 2017 / 9:11 pm

    What a great idea. I hate getting gift vouchers for once place because you’re so restricted. This is a good solution@

  2. 2 January, 2018 / 10:33 pm

    I was wondering what voucher to buy my friend for her birthday as I never know what to get her! This gift card is perfect as she can shop in lots of different places! Her birthday present is now sorted – thank you!

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