How to: Wall mounted make-up organiser with Sugru

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Belle is a big fan of crafts. Whereas I might decide I need some kind of storage solution and immediately order it from Amazon, Belle will take the time to think up an ingenious homemade solution, probably inspired by an Instagram video.

She’s made some really cool stuff recently, including ombre make up brush jars out of old baked bean tins and leftover paint and a very clever makeup storage board using Velcro, with spaces for each of her eyeshadow palettes.

When Sugru asked if I wanted to have a go at a craft activity using their new family-safe, skin-friendly formula, my first thought was ‘I’m definitely going to get Belle to do that…’

For ages she has wanted to make one of those things where you fix mason jars to a bit of wood with hose clamps. I bought some bits for it but to be quite honest I had absolutely no idea how you go about fitting a hose clamp together. I ended up with a length of metal in one hand and a clip thing in the other, staring at both in a baffled way, like an old lady looking at a Sky remote.

Cue the Sugru!

Sugru is, as Mr Shev so nicely summed up on Twitter, amazing stuff:

Imagine getting some plasticine, moulding it into whatever shape you want, and it setting into a super strong but flexible rubber. Or imagine you need to stick something to something else, but you want to use a material that’s easy to use, simple to remove, and brightly coloured too.

That’s Sugru.

Sugru crafts

It’s SO versatile. Think of something that might need sticking and Sugru can do it. Want to add some hooks to your kitchen tiles without drilling? Oh hello Sugru. Fancy adding a letter rack to your wall and some magnets for keeping your keys safe? Hey there Sugru.

Or, in our case, imagine that you’ve always wanted to make a storage board with jam jars but your mum is too stupid to use a hose clamp.

In fact, there are so many possibilities that I’ve put you together a Pinterest board of Sugru craft ideas:


How to make a wall mounted make-up organiser with Sugru

To kick things off we headed off to B&Q for non-Sugru supplies. We bought a plank of wood, a few supplies for hanging the finished board, and had a sample of paint mixed up in a sassy yellow colour. We picked up some jam jars from Wilko too.

Belle’s first task was to paint her plank as the base for all the Sugru fun. She did it in the kitchen on the floor and I only had to wipe paint off one of the cats, which we considered a success.

We decided that to showcase the Sugru and to make her organiser as useful as possible, we’d cover about half of the board with jars and the other half with handy hooks. To stick the jars to the board we just rolled a couple of small balls of Sugru for each and pressed them down onto the wood. One of the amazing things about Sugru is that it sticks to virtually anything – glass to wood? No problem!

Sugru crafts

Sugru crafts

Sugru crafts

Don’t be deceived by the fact that Sugru looks and feels a bit like Blutac. Leave it overnight to set and this stuff is STRONG.

To make use of the jar lids, Belle had a genius idea involving magnets. She used Sugru to stick the magnets to the wood and then more Sugru to stick the lids to the magnets. Metal bits like hair clips and rings then stuck to the lid! Tada!

She also used some Sugru to stick a loop to the back of her hairbrush, and then moulded a hook for it.

Sugru crafts

Sugru crafts

In the Sugru inspiration booklet you get lots of ideas for mini craft projects and different uses for Sugru, plus instructions for making various shaped hooks. Belle made sure to try out a few different styles.

Sugru crafts

Sugru crafts

Sugru crafts

I did use some picture wire and a sturdy hook to fix the board to the wall, but I also added a bit of Sugru behind the board in each corner to fix it in place. No one wants their make-up organiser wobbling about all over the place when they are trying to get out a mermaid tail make-up brush now do they? Belle added some grey Sugru corners too, to cover any sharp edges.

We were super pleased with the result and honestly, Sugru could NOT be easier to use. It also comes with a mini Sugru scraper, so if you want to remove it from anything you can do so easily.

Have you played with Sugru yet? We’d love to know what you use it for!

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Sugru crafts



  1. 15 November, 2017 / 3:49 pm

    Love this – pinned – did you see the key ring fobs we made?! We =love Sugru and that it is now great for kids to play with

    • Jo Middleton
      15 November, 2017 / 5:08 pm

      It’s awesome isn’t it?? I’ll definitely be getting some more as we have loads of tiles in our bathroom and kitchen and I can see that it will be super useful for that.

  2. 15 November, 2017 / 4:27 pm

    That’s amazing! It looks so easy to work with it. I have not use it yet but I started to love it only from the post. Imagine what will be when I get start to create with it.

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