Clean and simple bedroom makeover ideas

Although the general vibe of my house is cosy and colourful, since I had the wardrobes fitted and had to clear the entire contents of the room, my bedroom has been decidedly minimalist.

You might remember I shared some pictures after I’d done a little makeover and all I had was my newly spray painted pink bed, a rose gold coloured floor lamp and a plain, white bedside table. (Check out the post if you want a nose.)

Not a huge amount has changed, although I do now have a matching bedside table on the other side, complete with Swiss cheese plant. I love the architectural style of these, and feel like they’re perfect for adding a soft touch whilst keeping that sparse style.

Apart from that, I’m still open to ideas.

Essentially I don’t think I want to add too much at all as I love how clean and tranquil it feels. I want the bedroom to be an escape from the physical and emotional clutter of day to day life – somewhere clean and clear and beautiful. Comfort obviously is key, so the bed has to be GOOD and I want the best mattress I can afford.

white bedroom makeover tips

I love fresh flowers in the room, for a little injection of colour and a connection with the outside world, so this is something I want to incorporate.

white bedroom makeover tips

white bedroom makeover tips

Texture is important too, so I like the idea of adding this through a plain rug, or perhaps a blanket on the bed. Again though, I’m thinking clean colours and a soft feel.

I’m also not adverse to adding texture through a strategically placed pet…

white bedroom makeover tips

white bedroom makeover tips

white bedroom makeover tips

And finally, I want to add warmth with little hints of gold and copper, as I’ve done already with my floor lamp. I LOVE this mirror, although that might be a little flamboyant…

white bedroom makeover tips

If you want to create this minimalist bedroom look, with splashes of metallics and pink tones, then you might want to check out some of my favourites from Wayfair. I’m part of the Wayfair blogging team, and one of the fun things I get to do is choose pieces I like to get highlighted on the Wayfair website.

These are my picks to inspire your own tranquil bedroom vibe:

pendant shade art print storage box
30cm Comet Metal Bell Pendant Shade

Enough industrial to be chic but just enough of a pink hue to be pretty too – a perfect balance!

Rose Gold Garden by Artana Art Print Wrapped on Canva

The combination of colours in this print is really beautiful. It would make a fantastic piece above a bed.

Decorative Storage

Ideal for keeping those special treasures safe. This would look lovely on your dressing table wouldn’t it? You deserve it.

 white rug accent mirror double bed
Wilmington Hand-Woven Natural Area Rug

The rug of dreams! Light that fire and get cosy. (I can recommend the addition of a kitten or two for extra cosiness.)

Celeste Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? ‘I am’, says the mirror. Fair play.

Georgia Bed Frame

With a bed this beautiful, good luck getting up to go to work.

 bedside lamp floating shelf wall accent
Mojo Touch 24cm Touch Table Lamp

Sometimes the simplest things are the best right? This lamp is chic, elegant and great value for money.

Sheila 3 Piece Floating Shelf Set

Show off your treasures on these magical floating shelves! How do they stay up?? Actual magic. (Not really.)

4 Piece Jacinth Mirrored Wall Décor Set

You’re basically on holiday in Morocco, but all the time, from the comfort of your own home. Who wouldn’t want that?

This isn’t a sponsored post, it’s just something I’m doing in my role as a Wayfair blogger. Images from Unsplash.


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