Easy 3 ingredient cookie butter recipe with Maryland Cookies

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recipe cookie butter spread Maryland Cookies

In the important cultural debate that is ‘cookies or cake?’ I am very much in the cookie camp.

For me, it’s a question of consistency of experience. Sure, you can get some amazing cake, no denying that. Sometimes they’re just right – moist and delicious and full of flavour – but all too often I’m left disappointed by cakes. They might LOOK lush, but then the sponge is dry, or the frosting to cake ratio is all wrong, and you eat it reluctantly, thinking ‘for God’s sake, what a waste of calories, I could have had four gins for that.’

(And yes, you could just NOT eat it, but food waste remember?)

With a cookie though, or a good plain biscuit, you know what you’re getting. No one ever cracks into a packet of Maryland and comes away feeling like they’re had anything other than the exact cookie experience they were expecting. No snack-time risk, no worry, just mid-afternoon cookie fun times.

recipe cookie butter spread Maryland Cookies

Are you with me?

*feeble mumble of ‘yes’ from the crowd*


*boisturous cries*


Because I’m never satisfied with things just as they are, I wanted to use cookies to create something potentially even better than cookies. Jumping on the back of the biscuit spread craze that seemed to sweep the country (my house) a little while ago, I thought I’d use a packet of Maryland Cookie Thins to make my very own cookie spread.

A ‘cookie butter’ if you will.

recipe cookie butter spread Maryland Cookies

Maryland Cookie Thins are a new type of cookie from Maryland. They’re a deliciously light and crispy cookie which comes in two flavours – salted caramel and milk & dark chocolate. They’re not too filling, and two cookies come in at under 80 calories.

How to make cookie butter

This is quite possibly the simplest cookie butter recipe you will ever find. You’re welcome.

A lot of cookie spread recipes I’ve seen have added lots of extra ingredients, like coconut milk or oil, salt, spices, and even sugar. Sugar?? To a packet of cookies? That seems a bit much even by my standards. In this super easy cookie spread recipe I am letting the loveliness of the Maryland Cookies do all the talking.

You will need:

  • A packet of Maryland Cookie Thins
  • A big knob of butter, to help it bind together
  • A little bit of water

And that is IT. That’s all you need.

Mixing up your cookie butter couldn’t be simpler. I put together a short video – less than two minutes – to show you how, so have a watch now and soon you’ll have some cookie butter of your very own!

(Note – I did blend it for quite a little while at the end, just to get that lovely gloopy consistency.)

The chocolate chips in the Maryland Cookies are delicious in the spread, and if you eat it freshly made you get the crispiness of the crisped rice pieces too. I decanted mine into a lovely jar and kept it in the fridge and it was still tasty several days later. I can’t see what there would be to go off, so I’m sure you could keep it for quite a long time, although the fresher the better I reckon.

I asked Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse to investigate, and he agreed that it looked very tasty, and that the cookies looked great, although when I explained that they weren’t for kittens he was very disappointed.

recipe cookie butter spread Maryland Cookies

recipe cookie butter spread Maryland Cookies

How to eat home made cookie butter

There are all kind of ways to enjoy your homemade cookie butter. Think of it like a chocolate spread or a peanut butter, except that it’s homemade, so extra wholesomeness points for you. (Tick!) You could use it as a delicious toast topping, smear a little bit onto some sliced banana, use it as a dip with apple slices, or just eat it with a spoon. The world is your lobster.

If you’re feeling particularly decadent, you could spread the cookie butter onto another cookie, or even make a cookie sandwich.

recipe cookie butter spread Maryland Cookies

Too much?


You can experiment with the recipe too – I’m sure the salted caramel Maryland Cookie Thins would blitz up a treat, (although you know my reservations about salted caramel), and you could try adding extra flavours if you wanted to, like perhaps some vanilla or cinnamon?

recipe cookie butter spread Maryland Cookies

Because that’s the great thing about cookies isn’t it? They’re so versatile! Of course there’s the obvious – taking a packet to bed while you watch three episodes of Celebs Go Dating on your phone* – but as well as making cookie butter you can use them as ice cream toppings, cheesecake bases, bribes for children, pie cases – all sorts! In fact, I put together a cookie recipe Pinterest board for you, full of recipes using cookies, should you feel inspired and keen to whip out your pinny.

Have fun with your cookies, however you eat them!

recipe cookie butter spread Maryland Cookies

*Just an example.



  1. 13 October, 2017 / 7:34 pm

    Oh wow, they look delicious! And I love a simple recipe – bookmarking for another time… (Your cat – what a cutie!) x

    • Jo Middleton
      14 October, 2017 / 4:17 pm

      He’s adorable isn’t he? I had to be careful though as he is the greediest of the three and will eat anything :-)

  2. 16 October, 2017 / 1:32 pm

    My mouth is properly watering right now. My girls would LOVE this!

  3. 29 October, 2017 / 10:22 pm

    I think I must be missing something as I’m still not sure what a cookie butter is, but in biscuit form the cookies sound lovely! (Are thins a new thing – I am seeing them all over the place )

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